Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories that’ll add more Flavor to your User Experience

Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S8 is already with us and there’s no doubt that this is a great piece of hardware. The phone has by far the best design of any smartphone in the market.

In fact, the Galaxy S8 might live up to be the best smartphone in 2017 when it comes to the design language. As for the internals, it’ll definitely get better matches as the year moves towards the end, with the likes of Xiaomi Mi 6 already in the market while OnePlus 5 and Google Pixel 2 are still on the way. But in a bid to ensure that the S8 stays up there as the best phone in the market, the South Korean tech giant has also included a bunch of accessories that are designed to add more flavor to your overall user experience.

Enhanced cases for additional functionality and personalization

We know that Samsung Galaxy S8 is almost all-glass and even though it has Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 protection, you don’t have to spend more than $500 on a device in order to repair a broken screen or back panel, for instance, less than a few days or weeks after you just paid a massive $800 to acquire it. For this reason, Samsung has a series of enhanced cases that are aimed at not only protecting your Galaxy S8 but also adding functionality and personalization.

You can have the all-new Alcantara Covers whose material is common in the automotive and fashion & design industries thanks to the extra elegance, comfort, and practicality it adds. The glass material on the S8 will be boosted with the durability of the Alcantara Covers. Samsung also says that the silky matte Silicone Covers will offer your Galaxy S8 a sleek, lightweight protection and is available in a variety of colors to suit your taste.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories

If you want to keep your Galaxy S8 screen protected, there’s the Clear View Standing Cover as well as the LED View Cover. You don’t need to open up the cover in order to access the screen. The cases are available in a variety of designs and themes and apparently, they also come with apps that allow users to further personalize their phones as they’d wish.

The Clear View Standing Cover can be turned into a kickstand where you can rest the device on and enjoy a widescreen view, even when on the go. As for the LED View Cover, Samsung says that Galaxy S8 users will enjoy an impressive 54 customizable LED notifications that can be used to display relevant information of the user’s choice. In this way, a simple glance will give you the exact information you need.

If you don’t like any of the above, you may also check out the 2Piece Cover or Keyboard Cover. Where the former adds even more emphasis to the already beautiful exterior of the Galaxy S8 thanks to its unique 2-piece design, the latter has a detachable QWERTY keyboard that adds a physical touch to the otherwise all-screen Galaxy S8. While this keyboard takes up part of the entire bottom of the screen, it automatically optimizes the screen such that the display starts above it once snapped on. This cover Keyboard Cover doesn’t need to be charged, rather, it is powered by the S8’s extended Infinity Display.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories

You may also look at designer cases such as Kate Spade NY Liquid Glitter Case, Adidas Performance Arm Band, and TUMI Leather CoMold Case.

Battery charging accessories

Samsung Galaxy S8 supports Qi wireless charging, but this requires an accessory to make it happen. The company has a Wireless Charger Convertible does more than simply charging your phone. When you feel like viewing content on the S8 while charging, you can use this Charger as a stand on which to rest the phone. In this way, you can keep on watching that movie comfortably while the phone keeps on charging.

If you are always on the go, don’t forget to check out the massive 5100mAh battery packs that come with support for fast charging and an indicator light. Whether you are a USB-C or microUSB kind of person, you don’t have to worry about these battery packs.