Samsung Galaxy S8 is Beautiful to the Eyes, but Google Pixel has the Best User Experience – Do you Agree?

Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Google Pixel XL

The smartphone world has grown to be so competitive that choosing the best phone for you can be truly a nightmare. However, at some point, you’ll have to make a choice.

Ever since Google launched the Pixel phones, a lot of praise has been directed towards the search engine giant’s path with respect to this great first-time effort as far as the hardware market is concerned. The Google Pixel is the first major phone that Google takes all the credit as opposed to the Nexus lineup where we had third party OEMs also taking the credit, among them Huawei, LG and Motorola.

However, there’s a new kid in town and this is Samsung Galaxy S8. With the Google Pixel, the tech giant ditched the budget market and entered the flagship market – a market that has been for years dominated by Samsung and Apple. You’ll agree with us that the Pixel is more of iPhone-ish when talking of the design. It’s an in-house product running on an in-house OS and to top on these, it has the design language of an iPhone.

As for the new Samsung Galaxy S8, the design is out of this world. The curves are beautiful both on the screen and the body. The blend of metal and glass is just amazing and to keep the glass sections more sturdy, Samsung went for the best – Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It gets even better when it comes to dust and water resistance as the S8 comes with IP68 certification. Being a new phone, the Galaxy S8 also ships with the newest processor in town – the Snapdragon 835 – and the successor to the Snapdragon 821 powering the Google Pixel.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel

Despite all the goodies that Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with, one thing that you’ll agree (or agree to disagree) with us is that the Google Pixel still remains the top phone in the market right now. For starters, a phone is not meant for staring at. No one goes to buy a phone so that they can simply be looking at it and put it back in their pockets. It is the experience of actually using the phone that really counts.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is indeed beautiful to look at, but the Google Pixel will give you the best user experience. What fails Samsung internally is the software experience. Those customized tweaks are simply not our thing. Like or not, the long-term lag effect of running on a customized OS as compared to pure Android OS is more prevalent. Over time, pure Android devices tend to keep more of their original performance as opposed to customized versions, which start slowing up really quick, but this doesn’t mean the Galaxy S8 is slow.

It gets even worse when it comes to software updates. Samsung has made some steps ahead when it comes to monthly security updates, but it’s still far behind when it comes to major software updates. For instance, as we speak, Google Pixel is already running on a preview version of Android O and it will also be the first to get the update when the stable version is released. As we saw with the current Nougat, Samsung started rolling out the OS in January yet the Nexus 6P received the same treat back in August 2016.

Google Pixel

Although it has a slightly older processor, the performance you get from the Google Pixel is still amazing. This powerful SD821 processor, coupled with a flagship 4GB RAM and the purest form of Android OS, makes the Pixel phone fast enough not to worry about the faster SD835.

Yes, despite all the hype about the Google Pixel, it’s still not the perfect phone just yet. It has its own downsides, for instance, no water resistant body, a weird finish on the back and worse of all, availability. But for the rest, including battery life, having not-the-most-beautiful but great robust build, the best smartphone camera and to ice it all, running on stock Android OS, the Google Pixel is still our best phone so far.

As noted at the beginning, you’ll have to make a choice at the end of the day. Let ours not define yours – or do you agree with us? Let us know in your comments below.