More Samsung Galaxy S8 News Leaks, Rumors and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S8 Project Dream

Samsung is enjoying the success of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge over Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. As this is happening, rumors of the Galaxy S8, the supposed successor to this year’s flagship, are pointing towards some interesting developments in the smartphone industry.


Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S8 is being built under the codename Project Dream. Expectations are high that the S8 will come with major design changes, display improvements, better processing specs and probably come with an iris scanner as well as Android Nougat, just to name but a few. But most of all, the handset is expected to delve much deeper into the newest virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. In this regards, the Galaxy S8 will supposedly come with a 4K display screen.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the major reasons Samsung will shift from the current 2K resolutions to 4K resolutions. In fact, it is thought that the Project Dream codename has a lot to do with Google’s Daydream VR platform.

With the future still unknown, Samsung would be happy to proof the phone against any such standards should they emerge. This is even backed by the fact that Samsung showed off a 5.5-inch 4K display screen that is meant for VR content during the SID Display Week back in May, but this was just a prototype that may take some time before coming to life.


Processing specs

This year Samsung Galaxy S7 came in with minor changes on the outside, but the real ones took place on the inside. As for Samsung Galaxy S8, changes in both areas are vastly expected. For starters, the phone will be powered by a newer Snapdragon SoC, probably 830, as well as a newer Exynos SoC. With smartphones constantly coming in with crazy RAM capacities, Samsung might take this path to pack the Galaxy S8 with at least 6GB RAM.

Galaxy S8

As for the software, expect nothing less than Android Nougat, which is the successor to Android Marshmallow. If the Galaxy S8 will indeed come in with a 4K resolution screen, the battery capacity will have to be upped to the more than 3000mAh being offered on the S7.

Speaking of batteries, Samsung Galaxy S8 will probably be the first in the S series to come with a USB Type-C connector for battery charging and data transfer. This has been happening a lot over the recent past, with quite a number of major names making the move. In fact, Samsung itself is also tipped to start this evolution with the soon to be announced Galaxy Note 7.

Release date

As for the release date of the Galaxy S8, expect nothing to change when compared to previous release dates. Samsung is a fan of showing up at the MWC with its new Galaxy S series units. Expect this to happen at next year’s event, just like it did this year in February. The official release should follow a few weeks later.

Be warned that a lot of these is based on rumors, so better take it with some skepticism. Still, we’ll follow up the matter and keep you informed with the latest details.

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