Samsung Galaxy S8 is Not Being Launched at Mobile World Congress 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has launched an extensive investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 issue and explained it during a recent meet.

The company’s head also confirmed that they don’t have any plans to launch their next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the upcoming MWC 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The company assured that they have identified the problem and has taken a long list of measures to ensure such explosion issues don’t happen with their future phones. Talking about the upcoming flagship, chief DJ Koh confirmed that the phone will not be launched at MWC but didn’t confirm when they plan to bring the model out. Mobile World Congress is a popular event in the smartphone community which has gained huge traction among people around the globe. Samsung has made use of its popularity in the past and so did many other manufacturers.

Some of the top end models including ones from Huawei and LG are scheduled to be launched at MWC 2017. The event begins on 27th of February and will continue till March 2nd. The two brands will launch their phones just a day before the big event begins. Earlier rumors claimed that the phone will be available towards the end of March. Putting an end to the claims, DJ Koh speaking to the Reuters said, “It won’t launch during the MWC.”

However, he refused to comment further about the actual launch date. Rumors claimed that the phone will be unveiled on March 29th. After the initial announcement, it will be available in dealership stores in the mid of April. A possible launch date is on April 17th but all these should be taken with a pinch of salt as they are not directly from Samsung but rumors from third party sources.

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An inside source adds that while an official launch for the phone will not take place during the mobile world congress, the phone will be available in the show floor. Select individuals and top executives will be allowed to take a look at the variant before its official reveal. It will be a confidential meet that will not be revealed to the press people and sadly we won’t have any photos or videos of the phone before it’s out for all of us to see.

Galaxy S8One of the main reasons that has delayed the Samsung Galaxy S8 is because of the 8-point battery safety check. The test allows the company to ensure the Galaxy Note 7 bursting issue doesn’t happen again. The quality of the battery will be checked thoroughly before it reaches the hands of the customers. The Note 7 didn’t undergo such rigorous tests which could be another reason that it faced the fiasco but Samsung didn’t explicitly state it during their press event when they explained the problems that caused the explosion.

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