Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors and Release Date – MWC 2017 Launch Expected

Samsung Galaxy S8 Project Dream

The problems facing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have hastened the rate at which rumors of the Galaxy S8 are doing rounds on different media platforms.

Many smartphone OEMs have already done their thing, especially when it comes to the Android world. In fact, the only highly-anticipated phones are the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, which should be announced early next month. As for Samsung, the last major handset for this year was the Galaxy Note 7 and now that it is facing a recall, it has been hard to avoid the current talk about the Galaxy S8, which should be unveiled next year.

Samsung has had predictable patterns for quite some time now. In fact, this is how it thrives in the smartphone industry. With this in mind, it is easy to say that Samsung Galaxy S8 should be here latest during the MWC 2017 event. This comes from a look at past events when the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 have been unveiled.

While this year saw both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7 launched earlier than usual, it was only a few days adrift of the usual timing. Given the great results the early release of the Galaxy S7 has had on the sales of the phone coupled with the disaster brought about by the Galaxy Note 7, there have been speculations that Samsung could choose to make an early launch for the Galaxy S8.

This year’s MWC event came towards the end of February, but still, Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 a day early. As for the Galaxy S8, it is possible that the phone could be here in early February so as to cover up for the losses made by the Note 7. Don’t be surprised if the tech giant unveils the Galaxy S8 in January 2017, but this is highly unlikely.

Other details about the Galaxy S8 claim that Samsung will keep the two screen size options, but all of them will come with curved dual-edge displays. As for the names, it has been reported that the two are being developed under the codenames Dream and Dream2, with the former having model number SM-G950 while the latter has SM-G955. This year’s S7 and S7 Edge have model numbers SM-G930 and SM-G635 respectively. The skip in numbering is associated with the country’s perception of number 4 as bad luck.

Galaxy S8

In addition, it is believed that the iris scanner that made its debut with the Galaxy Note 7 will make its way to the Galaxy S8 alongside a dual-lens camera setup. The latter move will mean the phone keeps on with the trend set by the LG G5 and seconded by the likes of Huawei P9 and iPhone 7 Plus. Apparently, the Galaxy S8 will have a 12MP sensor and 13MP sensor on the back and an 8MP selfie sensor.

Last but not least, Samsung Galaxy S8 is reportedly set to debut the much-awaited 4K VR display panel. The fact that the phones are codenamed Dream and Dream2 makes this rumor even more viable, especially when considering that Google is set to launch the first Daydream VR headset at the same event as the Pixel phones.

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