Samsung Galaxy S8 screen can apparently fracture when the power button is pressed

Samsung Galaxy S8

This one is interesting. Most of us must have heard about the mighty Hulk, but only in the movies. Apparently, we have our own human Hulk, at least according to an image shared on Twitter by Hardware Canucks.

We all know that Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most beautiful phones on the planet, but to make it this beautiful, the Korean tech company had to turn to some most fragile material in form of glass. Anything that has glass can eventually break, but the Galaxy S8 doesn’t have the usual glass, rather, it has been reinforced by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 so that even if it drops accidentally, you don’t pick up a the device with a cracked or shuttered screen.

Smartphones are no longer simply just gadgets, but they have turned into fashion instruments. There’s no way one is going to buy this beauty and have it locked in an area that the world doesn’t get ton experience it aka smartphone cover. Yes, some people want their phone as naked as it is, but the Galaxy S8 is not one of those phones to leave naked, unless you are the most careful person.

Speaking of careful people, it appears that the Galaxy S8 can still succumb to the gentle touches and presses these kinds of persons subject the phone to. In the image shared on Twitter, it shows a Galaxy S8 handset with a cracked edge screen. Apparently, this is not the result of an accidental or intentional fall, but it’s a result of pressing the power button.

We are not sure if Hulk was for some reason involved in this, but according to Hardware Canucks, the screen of the Galaxy S8 “literally fractured with a POP when the power button was pressed.” And this is really strange, but apparently not impossible. So, while you might want to keep hitting the gym to add some muscle, be careful with where you use the newly acquired strength.

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