Samsung Galaxy S9 to feature an in-display fingerprint scanner after all, Synaptics vaguely confirms

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ might be nearing their first anniversary, but the two will remain as some of the best phones yet to have graced the smartphone industry.

The design is without a doubt the most intriguing aspect of the pair, featuring a beautiful curved AMOLED screen that leaves close to no bezel on the front panel. This drastic design change also meant that Samsung Galaxy S8 became the first Sammy device to rock a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. While the S8 twins aren’t the first devices to come with the scanner on the back, what annoyed many people about the feature is its location.

Rather than have it centrally placed like with the case of Google Nexus and Pixels, among other devices, the tech giant went for a scanner that rests beside the main camera lens. According to reports, this was a rush decision after the company failed to finalize the technology that was initially meant for not only the Galaxy S8, but also the Note 8 that came out later. This technology would have seen the fingerprint scanner embedded into the display screen, but Samsung said it couldn’t use it because the technology wasn’t ready at the time.

As it is, the technology is ready for use and according to Synaptics, one of the leading names in biometrics technology, one of the “top 5” smartphone OEMs will debut a smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner very soon. While this doesn’t guarantee that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the one to get the feature first, there are more hints in the official press release that point towards the possibilities of Samsung being the “top 5” company in question.

The new fingerprint scanner has been given a somewhat fancy name – Clear ID FS9500 – and is designed for phones with bezel-less screens. The scanner will come along with the display panel itself and as you would expect, there won’t be any problems using the scanner even when your fingers are wet, dry, dirty or cold. It gets even better as users will be able to turn the scanner on and off at will.

Even though several demos have been flying around web, Synaptics says the new in-display fingerprint scanner is already in mass production. In the press release, the company mentions something to do with “bezel-free OLED infinity displays”, terms that are related to Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8. This is a definite indicator that Samsung will be the one using the in-display fingerprint scanner, probably starting with the Galaxy S9.

Samsung QLED TV and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Still on matter of biometric authentication, Samsung Galaxy S9 is also expected to up the game with respect to iris scanning. Where the Galaxy S8 has a 2MP iris camera lens, the S9 will reportedly step it up to 3MP, thus making it better at recognizing the eyes of users. With the new scanner, it’ll be easier to recognize users’ irises even when putting on glasses, when eyeballs are moving, or when in dark/bright environments.

Press release:

Synaptics Brings World’s First In-Display Fingerprint Sensors for Smartphones to Mass Production with a Top Five OEM

Clear ID Optical Sensors are Faster, More Convenient and Secure than Alternative Biometrics SAN JOSE, Calif. – December 12, 2017 – Synaptics Incorporated (NASDAQ: SYNA), the leading developer of human interface solutions, today announced mass production with a top five OEM of its new Clear ID™ FS9500 family of optical in-display fingerprint sensors. Designed for smartphones with infinity displays, Synaptics’ Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensors magically activate in the display only when needed. Clear ID is faster than alternative biometrics such as 3D facial, highly-secure with SentryPoint™ technology, and very convenient with one-touch/one-step biometric authentication directly in the touchscreen display area of smartphones.

The new Synaptics Clear ID optical fingerprint sensors deliver one-touch high-resolution scanning through full cover glass and enable sleek, button-free, bezel-free infinity displays. Synaptics’ highperformance Clear ID FS9500 optical solution excels with wet, dry and cold fingers, and since it’s protected by glass, is durable, scratchproof and waterproof. In-display fingerprint technology allows users to securely unlock the device in situations including while it’s sitting on the table, at any angle, or while in a car mount. Synaptics’ Clear ID performance is twice as fast as 3D facial recognition and requires only one touch to access your smartphone.

Serious Security:

Synaptics optical fingerprint sensors are available with SentryPoint™ technology, offering OEMs a widerange of unique and highly secure authentication features including: Quantum Matcher™ for adaptive fingerprint template matching and authentication; PurePrint™ anti-spoof technology to examine fingerprint images using unique artificial intelligence technology to distinguish between spoofs and actual fingers; and SecureLink™ which combines support for TLS protocol with ECC authentication and AES encryption.

“Consumers prefer fingerprint authentication on the front of the phone, and with the industry quickly shifting to bezel-free OLED infinity displays, the natural placement of the fingerprint sensor is in the display itself,” said Kevin Barber, senior vice president and general manager, Mobile Division, Synaptics. “Synaptics’ Clear ID fingerprint sensors are faster, more convenient, and more secure than alternative biometrics, and this optical technology represents a major innovation shift and opportunity for the smartphone market.”

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