Samsung Galaxy S9 Flagship will Snap Major Share of Snapdragon 845 Chipsets

Samsung Galaxy S9 of Snapdragon 845 Chipsets

Apple is yet to announce their iPhone 8 and Google will soon unveil the Pixel 2 smartphone.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 flagship device has already been launched and the company is now focusing on the next gen flagship ready to hit stores in the first half of 2018.

With the year coming to a close in just four months, the people at Samsung are very busy stacking up all the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipsets they could get. After all, the new flagship phone from the company should run on the latest Qualcomm chip no matter what. It is something of a basic requirement users have accustomed to in the past years and the brand is supposed to deliver them without any compromises or delay.

Samsung Galaxy S8 look

Throughout the years, Samsung never delays to order as many chipsets as possible and has even left big brands like LG in the lurch. LG had to use previous generation flagship processor from Qualcomm in their smartphones because Samsung gobbled them up all for their Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus smartphones. The situation is expected to prevail when the Galaxy S9 model comes into the mainstream market next year.

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The mass orders from the company not only affected LG but had a strong impact on phones by HTC, Xiaomi and Sony who never could lay their hands on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. The newest Snapdragon 845 is expected to be much better in terms of power efficiency, speed and multi-core processing, providing buyers a very zippy experience without any slowdowns or lags at any point. It is also part of Samsung’s plan to handicap their partners who may not be able to market their phone as the latest due to lack of newer processors in them.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The rumor is something we cannot vouch for fully but as Samsung has already done this recently, it is not too difficult to imagine that they might do it yet again. Besides, the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus has sold 15% more than the previous Galaxy S7 models giving the victorious boost the brand needs to invest more and save the space for the Samsung Galaxy S9 model.

Other specifications of the upcoming smartphone is very sparse as it is too early to comment on it. After Infinity display, it is to be seen what is implemented next to convince buyers that Samsung’s phone is better than Apple’s iOS offering.

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