Samsung is Working on a Premium Chrome OS Tablet with Improved Camera


Samsung is working on a premium Chrome OS tablet which will be a hybrid machine, capable of running as a laptop and when detached will function as a tablet.

Such devices are not new to the Chrome OS ecosystem where majority of the computers launched so far or hybrid machines that can be detached. The habit comes from the fact that it is not a complete operating system but rather a desktop version of Android which runs only Google products and has limited storage powered by a SD card.

Samsung is Working on a Premium Chrome OS Tablet

While Google has been consistently offering great performance and some of the best Macbook-quality Chromebooks so far, the other manufacturers seldom show as much interest as the home company. LG has made some but Samsung’s entry into the premium market is a welcome addition. Samsung Chromebooks are in the market for a long time now but they are hardly a success and continue to falter in terms of sales.

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The new model according to developers is about to change the game and it has been discovered from the code references. A code name Nautlius is being used to refer to this high-end product which will be a detachable tablet. It is not a Galaxy book which has created a bad name for Samsung with its inferior product quality and lack of features.

Similar to other hybrid devices in the market, the Nautlius device will be powered by the Intel i7 chip. The biggest improvement is the camera they have decided to use in it. The Sony IMX 258 will be used in the device which is already found in last year’s flagship smartphone, the LG G6. Such high-quality cameras are a rarity in the tablet space but Samsung wants to change the game by releasing a powerful and compelling device.

Samsung Working on a Premium Chrome OS Tablet with Improved Camera

The world of technology has drastically improved in the recent past with smartphones and laptops getting increasingly premium. However, when it comes to cameras on tablets or laptops, they are often stuck with 720p resolution which has received a significant bump this time around.

As the product is still under development, it is tough to confirm the specifications but it is expected to be on the higher end of the spectrum when it gets launched. And, pricing will play an important role in making the new Samsung Chrome OS tablet a success. It is to be seen if it competes with Pixelbook or at the mid-range market.

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