Samsung Note 7 Revealed on 2nd August – More Specs Leaked While Samsung Gears Up for its Launch

Samsung Note7

According to EldarMurtazin, the Note 7 will be announced on the 2nd of August 2016 at the company event. This leakster is famed for offering many credible news statements as well as some controversial ones.

As Samsung gears up for the launch of the Note 7, there have been some new leaks regarding the battery of the device, as well as confirming the announcement date.

Russian Leakster

The leakster from Russia also reports that the new Note 7 from Galaxy will have a battery size of 3600 mAh. It cab push twenty hours video with the maximum brightness, with one charge. The size of the battery on the Note 7 will be the same as the one on the S7 Edge.

Battery Juice Discussed

According to the news, the Note 5 had been tested for its battery and it had scored about 13 ½ hours video playback capacity. The new battery size of 3600 in case of the Note 7 offers an increase of around 20%, compared to the 3000 mAh of the Note 5. If the leakster, Murtazin, is to be believed regarding the twenty-hour playback capacity, then the battery should have a power of 4000 mAh to achieve it. However, it is possible to extract the said amount of power from a 3600-mAh battery as well. This could be done if Samsung is able to optimize its software to the maximum limit and use a display that can use power efficiently. It could also combine it with a super efficient CPU. In this scenario, a 3600 mAh could achieve thetwenty-hour playback capacity.


Samsung Event

The event is to take place on the 2nd of August and, according to the leaks, the Note 7 will be announced along with all the specs that the successor to the Note 5 will bring in. It will be known whether the device is going to have an IP certification. In addition, all other questions regarding the size of the display screen, whether it is curved on both the edges, whether it is 5.8 inches in size and so on will be announced.

Speculations of Specs

 There have been plenty of leaks regarding the Note 7, so most of its specs are already well known. Rumors in the past few weeks have already suggested that the phablet will come with a 5.7 inches screen using the QHD, Super AMOLED technology. The Qualcomm, Snapdragon 820 or the Exynos, 8893 SoC will power the device and this will be combined with a RAM of 6 GB.

There will be several options of internal storage, with 64 GB and 128 GB versions. It is also speculated that there will be another version with storage of 256 GB as well. The storage can be expanded using a microSD card.

Camera/ Optics Details

As for the optics of the Note 7, it is supposed to come with a rear camera having a resolution of 12 MP and dual pixel, PDAF feature. The front camera will come with 5 MP resolution.

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