Samsung Pay Launched in Spain as KFC Starts Accepting Mobile Payments in the U.S.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is slowly spreading its services to other regions of the world, with the latest to be added to the growing list being Spain.

Following an early launch of June Android updates for the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in the same region, Samsung has followed it up with a launch of a service that comes preinstalled on the 2015 flagship. After its successful launch in Spain, the country becomes the first to have the service in use as far as Europe is concerned. The initial launch of Samsung Pay took place in Korea and later on came to the U.S. and recently, it launched in China. The UK will be receiving the service at some point during this summer, but there is no specific date whatsoever.

According to Samsung, at least six out ten Spaniards are interested in using a service like Samsung Pay – a service that offers reliable, secure and simple mobile payment system. In Spain, those using Samsung Galaxy S6 series as well as the new Samsung Galaxy S7 series can enjoy using this mobile payment, but as the Korean company keeps on pushing new devices into the smartphone market, expect to see more devices coming in with support for this service, for instance, Samsung Galaxy A and Galaxy C series.

To support this move, Spanish banks CaixaBank and imaginBank have partnered with Samsung to ensure that customers are using their credit or debit cards to make mobile payments via Samsung Pay. Apparently, more support will be arriving from the likes of Banco Sabadell and Abanca. As this is happening in Spain, customers of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in the U.S. can now make payments using Samsung Pay and Android Pay. This service will be available at all KFC restaurants across the country, joining the likes of McDonald’s and Macy’s in doing so.

Samsung Pay

The advantage Samsung Pay has over Android Pay is that while the former allows for payments to happen on NFC terminals as well as terminals using magnetic strips, the latter only works with NFC terminals, which makes Samsung Pay a more versatile option than any of its competitors.

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