Samsung to Pump $6.8 Billion into OLED Business in Readiness for 2017 iPhone Release

2017 iPhone 7S and 7S Plus

As Apple prepares to come in with this year’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, reports have been rife that the 2017 iPhone 7S Plus will use OLED screen panels that will be supplied by Samsung.

This speculation came as a result of another speculation that pointed towards a done deal between Apple and Samsung where the latter has secured a major order to supply the former with OLED screen panels for the release of the 2017 iPhone. Now, this story is getting more and more interesting as it is now emerging that Samsung is planning to invest a tune of up to $6.8 billion in its OLED display business with the aim of ensuring that it meets the growing demand for OLED panels.

About two months ago a report surfaced on Sam Mobile, claiming that Apple has already placed an order of about 100 million OLED panels that are aimed for the 5.5-inch iPhone 7S Plus that will be released in 2017. Now, the latest reports from Nikkei, claiming that Samsung is planning to pump a huge amount of money into its OLED screen business, seems to confirm the fact that Apple might indeed be planning to shift from using LCD panels to OLED panels in the coming 2017 iPhone release.

2017 iPhone 7S and 7S Plus

With this move, Samsung will be able to boost its production by a massive 50% of its current annual production. At the time of this writing, the South Korean tech giant is estimated to ship over 300 million OLED panels per year. But with the demand for this technology on the rise, something that can be evidenced with the recent release of an OLED screen-based OnePlus 3 flagship, the latest smartphone to drop LCD panels in favor of OLED. According to experts, OLED panels offer much better quality when it comes to views, are better battery handlers and to make it even better, they are cheaper to manufacture as compared to LCD panels.

It is also thought that Samsung will face stiff competition in manufacturing OLED display screens for the 2017 iPhone as the likes of LG Display and JDI are also in the race.

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