Samsung Revives Flip Phones, Galaxy X1 and X1 Plus Successors to Moto Razr

Samsung Galaxy X1 and X1 Plus

Samsung might be coming up with two foldable smartphones, the Galaxy X1 and the X1 Plus.

The Moto Razr or the Motorola Razr was the first foldable smartphone released in 2004. It could be flipped open, with a hinge at the center. Samsung has been reported to consider flip phones or foldable phones for quite some time now.

Samsung Galaxy X1

Flip Phone

There are rumors that Samsung will be releasing a foldable flagship smartphone this year. In fact, some reports from Asia indicate that the company is already working on a couple of such smartphones, in different sizes. Samsung already has patents for this technology. Earlier, there were rumors that the two new flip phones were to come with the codename of Project Valley. However, latest reports suggest that the phones will be launched with the Samsung Galaxy X series name.

News on Weibo

TechTastic, a Dutch website, has picked up some rumors on Weibo regarding two such Samsung smartphones. The devices are presently running under the codenames of SM X900 and the SM X 905. Both these smartphones are rumored to be foldable or flip phones, which would later on be called the Samsung Galaxy X1 and the Galaxy X1 Plus. Both these smartphones were reportedly tested running on the Android Marshmallow, 6.0.1 version for the Galaxy X1 and the Android Nougat 7.1.1 version for the Galaxy X1 Plus.

Galaxy X1 Leak

Weibo, the social platform in China is well known for leaks and it has posted these two new flip phones, It reveals the model numbers of these two new smartphones, both being tipped to run on Android OS.

Puzzling Options

However, there are no images or any other details regarding the two new flip phones from Samsung. It is also not clear when Samsung will announce these two phones or whether they will even be launched in 2017.  Another puzzling aspect is that Samsung is considering making two sizes of the flip phone. Flip phones allow users to select between a compact display and a larger display. They can also opt for a smartphone display or a tablet mode with the use of a flip phone. However, there doesn’t seem to be any use for having two sizes of a foldable phone, a smaller one and a bigger one, so this news is rather puzzling.

Hearsay and Rumors

The patent that has been filed by Samsung indicates that the rumored Galaxy X could offer a foldable display or a secondary display, which would turn on when the user folds the phone. Another rumor claims that the Galaxy X lineup will offer 4K display and many other features like the iris scan, the fingerprint scan, a face scan and other biometric authentication features, along with a palm pattern.

Samsung Galaxy X1 and X1 Plus

Innovating in Mobiles

It has to be accepted that Samsung is offering plenty of innovations in the mobile world. Samsung was the first company offering big screens with the Samsung Galaxy Note line. Samsung was also the first manufacturer offering curved displays with the Galaxy S6 Edge. Keeping this in mind, it is entirely possible that Samsung will offer the first flip or foldable smartphone to the market. Flexible or foldable phones will surely be a head turner, so Samsung will love to be the first company offering something like that to the market.

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