Samsung All Set to Reveal the Galaxy Note 7 Investigation Reports This Month

Galaxy Note 7

After a series of incidents involving the Galaxy Note 7 reportedly catching fire upon overheating, Samsung decided to investigate into the matter to find the root cause of the problem.

According JoongAng Ilbo, a report regarding these investigations will be announced by Samsung in this month. After examining various aspects of the smartphone, the South Korea-based smartphone maker had suggested that the safety failure could have occurred due to a combination of several factors, which led to one of the most expensive tech failures in the history of technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

According to sources, the Chief Executive of Samsung, Kwon Oh-Hyun, had said in his New Year’s speech that the company will be working towards improving the quality and attributes of its products and not make any compromises about it. He had also mentioned about the risks and uncertainties associated with foreign rates of exchange and asked the company’s employees to upgrade the production techniques and improve the safety look-over.

Overheating and Explosion of Galaxy Note 7

There have been many reports in the recent past regarding the overheating of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and in a few cases, there were also explosions of the smartphone. Many airlines had prohibited carrying the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to avoid any disturbing incidents. Several analysts and investors of the company made it quite clear that it is very important for the South Korean firm to investigate and analyze the core essence of the problem that led to the overheating and fire catching incidents. It is essential for Samsung to deeply ponder over these incidents in order to avoid rerunning of the mistakes and to win back the trust of its consumers. After many such incidents, Samsung was in a strained position to inspect the issue and had issued a statement in December 2016 that the company had completed all the investigations in regard to the root cause of the disputed point.

Fall in Stats

Samsung reported that it has possessed 90% of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the Unites States, and an update is to be issued to the remaining 10% of the users with the devices getting bricked. As per reports, Samsung, which is one of the top smartphone makers in the world, had predicted in October 2016, a possible loss of almost US$5.1 million (S$74 million) to its recurring profit over the next three-quarters after the company made the hard decision to completely stop the sales of Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note 7

Though there have been speculations that Samsung will be reporting about these investigations in this month, the South Korean smartphone maker has not made any official statement on when the company will be revealing the actual reason behind these problems. Even the spokesman of Samsung Electronics had refused to comment about it saying “Security will be maintained until the time of publication”.

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