Samsung Unveils a Dedicated 360-Degree VR Videos Site to Take on YouTube and Facebook

360-degree VR videos

Samsung wants to be everywhere and wherever it appears, it wants to be at the top. It has already managed to achieve this with respect to the smartphone industry, leading the likes of Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo in global rankings as far as smartphone sales are concerned.

Apparently, the South Korean tech giant wants to take its prowess to the VR world and to do this, the company has launched a website that is dedicated to 360-degree VR videos. According to the latest reports, the aim of the company’s jump into the video niche is to take on the likes of Google’s YouTube as well as Facebook, all of which have been doing marvelously well in this niche.

It seems companies are realizing that internet users consume more video content than text-based content, for example. The trend has been on the rise during the recent years and now that VR is coming into play, Samsung wants to be among the pioneers in this field by offering this 360-degree VR videos site.

The launch of this new website comes right after the company unveiled its first consumer 360-degree camera dubbed Samsung Gear 360. In addition, the company has made it clear that Milk VR will no longer be called so, instead, it will assume the name Samsung VR. While the former was restricted to a few select brands and influencers, the latter has been opened up to consumers, who can now take advantage of the platform to upload 360-degree VR videos.

360-degree VR videos

It is possible to watch these videos via the new Samsung Gear VR headset, however, Samsung also offers a smartphone app that is dedicated to this task. This means that users of Samsung devices can easily watch 360-degree VR videos without using a dedicated VR headset. This app will often be the go-to choice when one is on the go or maybe doesn’t feel like strapping on the VR headset.

With the launch of the dedicated site, Samsung believes that it has found the right balance between creating and consuming 360-degree VR videos and other VR content. As of now, the company has several smartphones that support VR content, there is the Gear VR headset and now there is a dedicated site for sharing VR content. It will only get better for Samsung as the clock ticks.

Whether or not this will help Samsung beat the likes of YouTube and Facebook in terms of consuming video content is still unknown. Only time can tell.

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