Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition, Promises it Won’t Explode

samsung galaxy note 7 fan

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which made history for all the wrong reasons is coming back to mainstream sales again.

The company claims that they have reduced the size of the battery and included a lot of safety features so that the phone wouldn’t burst as it did earlier.

Over 3 million Galaxy Note 7 models were recalled by the company after multiple instances of the phone’s battery bursting were reported by users. Many of them caused big injuries and some of them even burst on airplanes that all major airlines soon banned the Note 7 phones to be carried during travel. It was a huge fiasco for the company that not only had to bear billions in losses but also faced the situation of winning their customers’ trust back. It is easy to say that Samsung not only won everyone with their super Galaxy S8 and S8+ models but also continued to witness amazing sales without slowing down.

samsung galaxy note 7

The decision to bring the failed phone back is kind of not something Samsung should do but they are doing it anyway. The manufacturer has significantly reduced the size of the battery in the phone to 3,200 mAh which may reduce overall battery life but is still good enough for most Note 7 users. Samsung also claims that they have improved the phone with multiple safety features. One of the biggest improvements that could possibly make the phone a great sell is that it now supports Bixby voice assistant.

Named as the Galaxy Note Fan Edition, the phone will be limited in numbers. Just 400,000 of these phones will be manufactured and they will be launched only in South Korea to start off with. The brand is not sure about bringing it to other countries anytime soon because if it would cause any blasting problems again, it might tamper the brand’s image permanently. They say they will decide on it at a later stage while the Galaxy Note 8 is getting ready to get launched soon.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to feature a dual camera system just like the Galaxy S8 Plus and will have a larged, curved display with hardly any bezels which should make it look like a phone from the future. The battery issues will also be kept under control so that it doesn’t meet the same fate as its earlier model. An official announcement is yet to be made.

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