Samsung’s New Galaxy Tab Active is Rugged and Long Lasting

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2

The world of tablets is slowing down as there are hardly any new launches these days.

However, Samsung is busy making one now and they are going to make it extremely rugged soit could withstand the test of time.

The rumor comes from a trusted site Sam Mobilewhich confirms that Samsung is keen on making a mark in the world of smartphones. In order to achieve the same, they are working on multiple models and one of them will be the Galaxy Tab Active 2. Two different variants of the tablet will be manufactured, one is the SM T390 while the other will be the SM T395.Galaxy Tab Active 2

All the rumors emerge from the report by the particular website and it may or may not be exactly true. But, they have excellent track record of identifying the models even before the company officially announces them. The specifications of the upcoming model are not known at the moment. But, will have anti-shock proof cover over it combined with the parts that are made to withstand everyday bumps and bruises.

The upcoming tablet is also expected to have water and dust protection. The particular device will be able to withstand and resist them with the help of a IP67 certification. For the average consumer, the numbers are more than enough. They should easily increase the overall lifetime of the tablets while allowing them to perform without any hiccups. The cover on top of the device allows it to withstand 1.2-meter drop, the maximum that they could procure while keeping the touchscreen, among other hardware running as they should.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2

It is to be seen how the tablet fares in the market when it gets launched. After all, most customers have moved on and tablets are simply treated as an additional unit to add to their overall experience. Samsung is to pull of this stunt when they officially announce the Galaxy Tab active models.

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