Samsung’s Woes Continue as Galaxy S7 Edge, Note 2 Catch Fire in Separate Regions

Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung’s financial predictions for the year 2016 have recently been dealt a blow when it recalled the Galaxy Note 7 due to issues that led the exploding of the phone and in some cases catching fire.

With the tech giant still struggling to meet the replacements for the recalled units, more fire issues are coming in, but this time, new phones are in the picture. Apparently, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge user in the Philippines has reported that her phone recently exploded. In a separate case, an IndiGo flight has recently reported a case where a customer’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 started emitting smoke when on a flight from Singapore to Chennai. However, the plane arrived at the destination safely.

This is not the best news for Samsung as it is still struggling to come to terms with what really happened with respect to the Galaxy Note 7. Now that the highly successful Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge could probably be having the same issue, the company will be sweating for answers. Nonetheless, the affected Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge user has praised the tech giant for their impressive customer support that saw her get a full refund without any problems.

There have been incidences where the Galaxy Note 7 caught fire when charging, however, the case with the Galaxy S7 Edge is a bit unique. Apparently, the phone was not connected to a power, source, rather, the victim’s daughter was playing around with it.

Galaxy S7 Edge

It is a good thing that Samsung has been quick to take action for the damaged Galaxy S7 Edge, however, where does this leave the rest of the phone’s users? Since this is the only reported case for the S7 Edge, we are yet to hear of what could really be the cause this time. Whether it is associated with the same battery overheating issues that are affecting the Galaxy Note 7 or not is still anybody’s guess. We’ll follow up the matter and bring you the latest.

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