SanDisk Launches Mario, Zelda Branded SD Cards for Nintendo Switch

SanDisk ninento switch

Western Digital, the leading storage hardware manufacturer had partnered with Nintendo.

It is a welcome addition to see the company finally coming out their closet to partner with third party brands and release products.

Nintendo has a long running history of relying solely on their first party peripherals, hardware and software content. The company is very adamant when it comes to allowing third party game titles on their platform. For the greater good, the rules are changing slowly and expected to be more lenient on the Nintendo Switch console.

SanDisk Launches Cards for Nintendo Switch

Electronic Arts and Bethesda had established strong partnerships with the company to launch games like FIFA 18, Skyrim among many others. It should make the Switch a more friendly console for every and not just Mario or Zelda fans. The company even released many Amiibos made by third party companies.

Following the new trend and their willingness to adopt change, Nintendo has established a partnership with Western Digital to make SD cards for their Switch console. From a technical perspective, the micro SDXC cards now being sold by SanDisk is hardly different from the ones that you would buy from the dealership stores. It’s all the same and you could grab it off any store like the NewEgg to get the job done!

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However, how would families and old people know that they are actually buying something compatible with the Nintendo Switch console? What about those who want to buy gifts for their grandson and granddaughter this holiday season? The audience that the company is aiming at is very clear and the box art is what differentiates these SD cards from any other standard card from the same company.

SanDisk Launches Mario, Zelda Branded SD Cards

You can spot the Nintendo Switch official logo on the top left corner of the package. The first one features Link from Legend of Zelda and it is a 64GB storage option while the second option features Mario from Mario Kart driving a car and has 128GB of storage space. There is no bigger storage variant available as of now and it shouldn’t be much of a problem considering the number of games available on the console.

Besides, the number of AAA titles on the Nintendo Switch console is very limited and it might take years for it to become crowded to demand a bigger SD card. A couple of exclusive games are lined up for the handheld hybrid console which should hit stores in the following months.

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