SEMCO Dual Camera for the Upcoming Galaxy 8 – Driving VR through the Roof

Samsung Galaxy S8

Those who were expecting to see the dual camera feature in the Galaxy 7 can expect to see this set up in the new Galaxy 8.

This has nothing in connection with the iPhone 7 Plus. The S8 will probably not see light till February 2017.

First of its Kind

Latest rumors from China claim that the upcoming Galaxy 8 will sport a dual camera set up. In addition, the dual camera will be a home engineered one, by SEMCO. The news also claims that the device will come with UHD display, thereby offering an enhanced VR experience. This will result in the S8 becoming the first of its kind among Galaxy devices.

Samsung Motors

Chinese sources suggest that the new dual camera lens for the S8 will be from Samsung Motors or SEMCO. Samsung will incorporate this setup on the S8 along with other software features that will enable the consumer to enjoy full advantage of the feature suite of this camera application. It also seems that the iPhone 7 is not offering this setup of a dual camera. However, this is not stopping Samsung fromopting for the feature, in its permanent race with Apple.

4K Display

S8 will have 4K display. Samsung has chosen well to go on this route, as consumers can now immerse themselves totally in the VR content available on the device. Of course, 4K resolution will result in the consumption of more battery life. It remains to be seen how Samsung is going to resolve this issue, as the battery life continues to remain the biggest issues faced by smartphones.

Galaxy S8

A device is considered to be an excellent one only if it has a good battery life. There is so much of computing power in the user’s hands, so he expects the battery to last at least for 24 hours. The S7 comes with Super AMOLED display and has a big battery capacity, but there are doubts regarding the battery life of the new S8.

New SoC?

Currently, not much is known about whether a new SoC is being considered for the S8. However, it is probable that the device will have a Snapdragon 830 for sure. The chipset is likely to processed in 10 nm, FinFET. Seeing that the Snapdragon 820 has shown remarkable efficiency, it is expected that the 830 will be capable of more.  The FinFET process means that the device will get more power and, at the same time, it will also be efficient as far as energy is concerned.

Premium Device

As the display is 4K, the S8 is naturally not going to be a cheap device. What we are looking at could be a premium handset, so the price will be hefty as well. This could be tougher in regions where there is no option of purchasing such premium devices on a monthly installment basis.

Other Features

The main objective of Samsung in presenting the S8 is to drive the growth of VR through the roof and enhance the experience to the maximum. As of now, there is no information on the other features present on this upcoming device. It is not known whether the S8 will come with an IP68 certification for resistance to dust or water. However, there are a lot of rumors and leaks in the offing.

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