How to share live location on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Live Location Sharing

Finally, WhatsApp is rolling out the live location sharing feature to Android and iOS users.

Sharing live location is nothing new for many smartphone users. Back in March this year, Google added this feature to its popular mapping app, Maps. Social networking giant Facebook followed suit with a similar update to the Messenger app and in June, Snapchat joined the party.

Given that Facebook owns both Messenger and WhatsApp, it was almost inevitable that the live location sharing feature was coming to the latter app sooner or later. Well, it’s actually happening at the time of this writing, with the tech giant confirming that the feature will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

Through the official blog, WhatsApp announced that users of the app on Android and iOS will now be able to “Share Live Location” in private and group chats. Just like any other interaction on the app, the company says that the details of your location shall remain between the two parties involved thanks to end-to-end encryption. Also, users will be able to control how long to share their location, which means one can choose to stop the live sharing anytime or simply let the timer run out.

How to share live location on WhatsApp

So, how does the new live location sharing feature work? It’s quite simple, just like any other aspect of using WhatsApp. When chatting with your friend or in a group, open the attach menu and under Location, you’ll notice a new option to “Share Live Location.” As noted, you can choose the duration you want your location shared and then hit send.

If in a group chat, every person will receive details of your real-time location through the default mapping application. When more than one person shares their Live Location in a group, all of them will be shown on the same map. Cool huh!

WhatsApp has only confirmed Live Location for Android and iOS will be rolling out “in the coming weeks.”


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