The Sims 4 Gets Vampire Sims with Special Powers and New Forgotten Hollow Map

The Sims 4 Vampire

Expanding their supernatural world, developers Maxis has now introduced The Sims 4 Vampires game pack with an all-new map to explore, the ability to create custom Sims and they can even use their special powers to lure other characters into their pack.

Game packs explore the best of the Sims 4 and the upcoming launch is no different. The Vampires pack is dedicated to letting players experience the power of being supernatural beings. Powers will play an important role in helping you feel like a real, menacing bloodseeker. But, actually the game doesn’t promote such gore and instead of blood, there is plasma energy that you can acquire in a number of ways.

The Sims 4 Vampire Game Pack

Vampires as with tradition cannot walk into daylight. When you are locked up in your large creepy mansion during daytime, you can play the pipe, rest in the coffin to get a good sleep or work on finding long term solutions to plasma. There is an option to buy them in packs or grow your own plasma tree. The third one is the most interesting as you can use your powers to get plasma from other Sims when they are asleep.

Each character can acquire two different forms, one of them is a regular and the other one is a dark form. Your Sims should be in the dark form in order to do some magic like teleporting to a location, walking on walls, putting other Sims to sleep so as to absorb plasma and so on. Many of these powers are showcased in the Sims 4 Vampires game pack trailer released today. However, the developers didn’t explain them in detail but we can easily know what to expect based on the video clips.

Creating the perfect vampire is something you might spend hours on. You can change their eyebrows, eye sockets, clothing and body. The customization options are so many that you may spend days perfecting them before even walking into the Forgotten Hollow. The mansion is for you to change as you like with large, spooky furniture and living spaces. It reminds us a lot of the Dracula movies and the Addam’s Family cartoon series.

The Sims 4 Vampire

The fun doesn’t end there in the Sims 4. Developer Maxis in their official blog confirmed that you will be able to make vampire babies with a human partner. They won’t have any powers until they grow into teenagers and once they realize their true nature, the characters become immortal. The Sims won’t age naturally as normal humans do and will live on to take care of your castle when you pass away, maybe due to lack of plasma potions.


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