Sims 4: New Game Pack Titled My Wedding Stories Gets An Official Launch


My Wedding Stories, the newest pack on The Sims 4, has now been officially launched on multiple platforms like PC, PS4, PS5, Mac via Origin and Steam and Xbox consoles.

This new game pack offers several innovative and interesting ways to celebrate in-game marriages. Before launching this pack officially, the producers organized a virtual demo to offers Simmers a glimpse of what they can look into.

While weddings would be organized in the Sims 4 quite regularly, most players were of the opinion that they appeared to be a little dull and uninteresting. After the conclusion of the engagement ceremony of two Sims, players would have two options to choose from. They could either organize an elaborate wedding ceremony for the Sims or plan a way in which they could elope.

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If the player opted for the second option, the Sims would exchange rings and vows on the same spot. In case you opted for a wedding event, a new screen would pop up and you would be required to choose a suitable location, prepare a guest list and select a musician and a caterer for the wedding day. This kind of format didn’t really resonate with players who have experienced storytelling and legacy gameplay.

While showing the demo to players, Sims 4 producer Dave Miotke, also known as SimGuruNinja, stated that they wish to be more “broad” in their approach and give players the freedom to weave as many stories as possible.

My Wedding Stories appears to be a game pack that would offer a very dynamic, customizable and elaborate wedding experience within the game. The pack also introduces players to a bunch of premade families settled in Tartosa, a newly established in-game world that has several breathtaking locations suitable for getting married.

With the arrival of this pack, players will get the opportunity to plan and organize pre-wedding events like rehearsal dinners and engagement parties. Some of these elaborate events will offer players the option to raise a toast, deliver speeches, choreograph dance pieces and arrange for a wedding cake. There is also an opportunity to put together a wedding party comprising of a Sim of Honor, an officiant and a ring bearer, among others.

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The new options that players shall have now can be tried out in different worlds. So, planning an elaborate wedding in Tartosa is not the only option you have now. If you wish to organize a low-key wedding, Tartosa City Hall is one of the best locations you can go for.

When it comes to choosing your outfits, there will be many elaborate options now. My Wedding Stories will offer you a wider range of tuxedos and dresses to choose from. While there are many modern clothing items available, there are enough options for those who prefer traditional attire too. Earlier, the wedding cake in the game resembled a regular birthday cake. Now, the wedding cake you get actually looks like something that has been baked keeping the theme of a wedding in mind.

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