Skoda is Working on a New Sports Car with EV Technology

The top representatives from Skoda have confirmed that they are indeed working on a brand new car which happens to be a sports model and will be powered by EV technology.

The all-electric car will push the brand’s reach further into the next level on par with popular exquisite cars from Germany and other regions. According to plans revealed by Skoda, they planned to launch at least five different models all of them are supposed to fully electric variants and will be made available in stores before 2025. While it is still a long way to go before the target year, Skoda will launch them one after the other. It allows the automobile manufacturer to stay ahead of everyone and also provide a more fuel efficient, eco-friendly choice for their long running customers.

Skoda New Sports Car
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While it is easy to get excited for this all-electric sports car, there is no word on when the company plans to actually launch it in the market. The first of the five, the EV Citigo is expected to be out in 2019 and there’s also the Vision E SUV concept model scheduled for launch in 2020. Skoda has also planned for another SUV and a family friendly large model which will end with the sports car. Going by this claim, it won’t be out until 2025 as the other cars are slated to be out much earlier.

For the convenience it offers, the proposed sports car will be designed on top of the newly revealed MEB electric architecture. Being a highly flexible platform, it allows engineers and designers to deliver their best work without having to think twice about the chassis unable to accept the components. It will also share some technical aspects with the Vision E model that delivers 302 horsepower with two different electric motors.

Skoda Sports Car with EV Technology
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Another advantage of using the MEB architecture is that designers at Skoda will make the sports car use a rear wheel drive setup by using a single electric motor. It may not be as fast or potent as the Vision E concept car which can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 6 seconds with a top speed of 112 mph. Compared to the previous models, the upcoming cars on MEB will be very low on mechanical parts and allows creative freedom, confirmed Skoda bosses.

Kodiaq Coupe SUV is expected to change the way Skoda has been selling cars so far before ushering them into the world of EVs and more stylish, practical cars for the future.