Skype Preview for Android and iOS Aim to Make Calls Fun with New Features

Skype Preview for Android and iOS

The fun features now available on Skype Preview on both iOS and Android platform is expected to make voice, video calls fun on the app.

The developers have announced that people will now be able to show in-call reactions so as to have fun time with their friends and family. A complete new list of popular smileys, emoticons and annotations are now integrated into the camera that you use to make calls.

Skype Video Calls

One of the highlighted features of the integrated cam in Skype preview will be in-call reactions. When you are busy talking to your friends or loved ones face to face, you can actually show you are happy, sad or excited by using emoticons. The photos and stickers can be added onto the calls, not only during personal video calls but also when you are talking in a group. People are so much used to using emojis and stickers. Bringing it to the Skype call interface is a required feature at this point to brighten up the video calling experience.

A new integrated camera feature makes it easy for you to capture any moment instantly. You can add stuff to customize it the way you want it to. There are tons of stickers, annotations and emojis to add them to those pictures. Those photographs can instantly be shared to the person on call or a group to share the fun. All these when put together should make it a more seamless, fun affair, says Microsoft.

Another useful feature is the ability to create a panel. The longer your conversation goes, the more in-depth information is required. In order to support your conversations, you can now add videos, weather reports, news links, sports and restaurant locations among almost every other info that might come in handy. All these can be done without leaving the app. While Android 7.0 Nougat allows you to use two apps in the same screen, Skype Preview for Android and iOS on all support versions now allow easy content integration.

Skype Preview for Android and iOS

Bringing them to your video call is such a wise move by Microsoft without having to switch between apps on your limited real estate in smartphones. The preview is a beta program scheduled for launch after initial bug fixing. It will be available in the Google Play store and the Apple’s Test Flight program. You can download them from the links here to test it out before others.

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