Skype Version 6.25 Latest Updates to Bring in Siri to Make Calls and CallKit for Its iOS 10 Users

Skype 6.25 Bring in Siri to Make Calls

When Skype says that it is getting updated for its desktop, you can always push it aside easily as a white lie.

But the new updates that it is bringing for the iPhones and iPads running on iOS 10 actually sound great. The latest updates take up the new brilliant features from iOS 10 and then integrates them with the new Skype version 6.25 to give the users an exciting experience. The new updates include new calling features and integrating Siri to make a Skype call, and support for CallKit and CarPlay.

Skype Version 6.25

Your Call Is Siri’s Command

At the WWDC 2016, Apple had offered Siri for the developers, and then the improvements were made available to all the developers and users with the release of iOS10. With the integration of Siri, the voice-based virtual assistant with iOS 10, making calls to someone and sending messages on Skype is as simple as giving out voice commands, like it has been with Siri. It becomes easy when you have the contacts saved on your iOS device. So, now you just have to tell Siri to call the person and Siri will immediately look for the contacts and within a fraction of a second, it may ask you to confirm if it has found the right contact to make the call. Just one click and that will initiate your Skype call.

The company is also looking forward to extending the functionality of its SiriKit for the business-based iOS apps by October. This should help the business users to give easy access and some amazing calling experiences by using the Siri commands for Skype.

Flawless Integration of Contact Information

Another major update is the introduction of the CallKit support for Skype. With the CallKit support, all the default contacts from your iOS device will be coherently integrated with the Skype contacts. So now you can now store all your Skype contacts very close to right there on your iOS devices. This also means that you can now easily send instant messages, make audio calls and video calls by using Skype, without having to go to the app. You can initiate the calls and send messages straight from your device’s contact list.

In addition to this contacts integration, another advantage of using CallKit for Skype within iOS 10 is that all the incoming Skype calls will now show up just like the other regular calls. The built-in iOS process capabilities allow you to easily switch in between the Skype calls and the regular calls so that you can answer them without any hassles. The CallKit features will be available immediately with the latest update for the personal users and in October for the business users.

Usually, the people who are traveling abroad tend to use Skype to make calls so that they don’t have to pay the towering expensive roaming fees for making international calls. And now with the integration of Skype with Siri, they will not even have to dig into their mobiles looking for the separate Skype app. You just have to command and Siri will make the call for you.

Skype 6.25 Bring in Siri

To specify more details on the CallKit, this integration will also allow you to receive notifications and alerts and will allow you to respond to the Skype calls on CarPlay. It is worth mentioning that earlier the CarPlay users were not pinged by any of the Skype notifications, which is a limitation that is faced by many other third-party apps also.

The latest updated version of Skype version 6.25 with the new features is available for download at the App Store.

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