Skyrim Special Edition Will Be Free For All PC Gamers

Skyrim Special Edition

If you have been wondering if being a PC gamer is worth it, Bethesda has the answer. The game developer has announced Skyrim Special Edition for the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

Bethesda confirmed the news at the E3 2016 event much to the delight of the crowd. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a five-year old game which has been utilized to its level best with amazing mods and is yet another huge game that never ends. Fallout 4 from the same developer is already trying to break records with plenty of DLCs and new mods. For some reason, the team decided to remaster the game in better resolution with new textures and improved graphics. It might give the title a new lease of life on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

While gamers are supposed to pay and purchase the new Skyrim Special Edition on their respective consoles, Bethesda on their Twitter handle announced that it is going to be available for free for all PC gamers. You have to own Skyrim with all the DLCs or the Legendary edition of the game in order to receive a free copy of the new edition.


Some of the notable changes in the next gen edition of the title include volumetric fog, lighting and textures. All these changes are futuristic that only the latest consoles can handle them with ease. When Skyrim got released on all platforms over five years ago, it was probably the most criticized games. The title was simply unplayable because of the numerous bugs associated with it. It took years for the developers to fix the issue after spending hours listening to gamers and the modding community.

PS4 and Xbox One owners have one more reason to rejoice. Bethesda confirmed that the new Skyrim Special Edition on the consoles will support mods. It is no longer a PC exclusive and even those on other platforms can now create custom content to enjoy the insanely huge world created by the developers.

The PC version has always been the most preferred platform of choice for Skyrim players. It is because of the huge world to explore and the support for mods. Even though the developers have decided to release mod support on next gen consoles, it may take time to expand while the Windows version has tons of content to explore already. Players who own a copy can experience the amazing textures as soon as the special edition gets launched.

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