Skyrim’s Biggest Mod Ever Gets A Release Date and Launch Trailer


Skyrim is going to get much bigger with a brand new mod, which is easily one of the biggest ever launches in recent times.

The game changing mod now has a proper release date and there’s even a launch trailer for it.

Bethesda supports Skyrim and Fallout 4 like never before. The company during the E3 2016 event announced that they are going to launch a re-mastered version of the title. The new version of the game features brand new textures, better resolution, god rays and fog lights. The developers also confirmed that they are going to bring out mod support for the game on the PS4 platform. Amidst all these announcements, PC gamers are gearing up for the most anticipated Skyrim mod ever.

Mods have the capacity to change the game completely and offer a whole new experience for gamers. They are done by dedicated programmers, which results in amazing quality. Developers support it these days and even provide them the tools they need to come up with creative ideas. The new Skyrim mod named Enderal is one such launch. It is about to totally convert the game according to the developers.


With such anticipation, it is no wonder the mod now has an official release date announcement and even a launch trailer, as if it’s a standalone game of its own.The mod Enderal is developed by SureAI. It is a team comprising of 14 programmers who are ardent fans of Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls series. They have put in lot of hours to come up with different environments, all new characters which are voiced by real people, revamped leveling as well as a narrative based single player campaign.

When so many things are bundled together into the game, it obviously gives a whole new lease of life for Skyrim. The mod is slated to get launched on PC on July 1st. The mod is totally free to download. All you need is a copy of the base game and there is no need to own the DLCs in order to be able to play this one. The official website of the developers gives a full overview of what they have developed and the new world.

It’s open world as Skyrim has always been with characters that have their own goals and at least 30 hours of play time is promised by the developers. Check out the trailer below to know more.

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