This Small Facebook Update Makes Taking 360 Photos a Lot Easier

Facebook 360 Photos

Facebook keeps on making small updates and improvements to its services. Even though the main social networking platform doesn’t receive as many updates as what you get with the likes of WhatsApp, recent times have seen a slight change in this.

The rising demand for numerous features on Facebook has meant that the company stays on top of its game. In a bid to do this, the tech giant has pushed a small update to the Facebook platform, but this has everything to do with 360 Photos. Of course, it is quite an easy thing when it comes to sharing 360 photos, however, things might get a little tougher when it comes to actually capturing them and uploading them to Facebook.

In the latest update, the social networking company has taken care of this issue, allowing users to select the “initial” view of a given photo. Usually, Facebook 360 photos may end up defaulting to a boring angle as opposed to that cool scene that you had in your mind. So, this means you can opt to have that initial view of your photo as the default face of your 360 photos, which should have a huge influence when it comes to people opening them to explore more of what’s inside.

Facebook 360 Photos

You can select an initial view in two ways – either drag the photo around to the desired view before you publish it on whatever platform you are using, or simply click on the edit option via your desktop and move the mouse around until you get the desired view. The latest version of Facebook will also allow users to add 360 photos to a standard album in addition to posting 360 media mixed in other media files at once.

Incorporating Facebook 360 photos in every other aspect of media files may be a way of turning the feature into a normal thing and less of a gimmick as it has always been. The features will not be coming all at once, instead, the first to come out will be the initial view feature, followed by 360 photos in albums over the coming weeks.

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