Smart Replies for Gmail on iOS and Android Should Save Time


A lot of smartphone users rely on their handheld devices to handle official e-mails and have to reply to them all day long.

Smart replies are definitely a great addition to those who need some quick, meaningful suggestions that they could use to save time.

Google loves to experiment with new and interesting features. Their algorithm is growing every day that makes smart replies a very useful feature that you could actually rely on. Gmail have had the feature for a very long time but it has now finally landed on the iOS and Android version of the app. After all, those who use it on their smartphones are much higher in population when compared to those who use the desktop version of the Gmail service.


Instead of trying to suggest too many words or a whole sentence, Google resorts to small three or four word replies. It will be quite generic to start off with like sure, thank you or I will check it but as you keep using it on a regular basis, the overall replies will become much smarter and more relevant to your personal usage scenario. For people who already use apps like Swift Keyboard on their Android smartphone, the suggestions system needs no introduction.

As soon as you start replying to an e-mail within the Gmail app, Smart Reply icon will pop up at the bottom of the screen and will provide three different options. You can pick the one that most likely suits what you want to let the recipient read and click on it. There is also an option to initiate Smart Reply by yourself where the user has the freedom to edit the reply and respond accordingly.

Smart Replies for Gmail

Most have already confirmed that Smart Reply provided within Gmail is extremely useful as it identifies your context and provides suggestions accordingly. Besides, many generic replies would suit most situations and saves you a lot of time. But, it is up to the person to make sure they don’t send out a completely irrelevant message to their boss. The particular feature is available only in English for now and is being rolled out to Gmail users on iOS, Android around the globe. It has been confirmed that the developers are rolling out support for Spanish smart replies in the following weeks.

Gmail app on your smartphone should automatically initiate the updated version but if it doesn’t you can always do it manually and check out the smart reply feature.