SMS Integration with Facebook Messenger Could be a Game Changer

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is progressively growing and living up to the dream of becoming the technological pioneer it was meant to be. The company has been pushing amazing updates plus new features to the social networking platform web version as well as its Facebook Messenger chat client over the recent past.

According to recent reports, it’s leading the internet in social networking and the faster you adopt the changes that it brings along will define your place in the ever-expanding social media world.

Zuckerberg and his team have been testing a feature to integrate your text messaging app and Facebook Messenger for the past few days. Users who are part of the test are expressing their contentment with the idea saying it has rendered their SMS apps useless. If this feature passes the test then users will access their text messages from within the second most popular mobile messaging app.

Rumors started oozing in February and it is like Facebook developers are through with the design and now embarking on testing. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the integration that will bring all conversions from SMS and from Messenger to one place is indeed being tested with a few Android users. However, we are still in the dark about its functionality on iMessage and iOS. A statement from Facebook further says the company’s main aim is to create new ways to enable effortless communication for everyone. Moreover, choosing to access your messages on Facebook Messenger will be more beneficial considering the powerful features offered by the app.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook plans to make Messenger a self-sufficient app and it will be a huge leap forward if the social media giant succeeds to roll out the feature to its 900 million monthly active users. The social network looks to transform Messenger into a communication hub that is not only useful for communication between friends but also allows communication with businesses. Basically, the idea is to find ways on how as many people as possible can spend more time on Messenger. So, convincing the vast number of people using SMS to use Messenger will be a huge achievement and a game changer.

How does the integration work?

The functionality has some great working experience and more advanced features than the stock text messaging apps. The integration can be turned on and off so that you retain that freedom to use what you want. Moreover, its saves you time because Facebook Messenger is swifter than stock text messaging apps. Lastly, Facebook’s chat app has powerful tools like the ability to send stickers, sharing location as well as allowing you record and send voice messages that enable you to emphasize information.

SMS threads will be highlighted in purple color to create a difference with the customary blue color scheme used to highlight Messenger conversations with Facebook friends. So identifying your SMS messages will just be at a glance. Besides, the popular social media platform will allow users toggle between seeing different threads, that is, all Messenger or SMS conversations so that you don’t get confused between the different messages.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook earlier attempts to lure users to Messenger

A few years ago Facebook had a similar integration but pulled the functionality due to low user subscription. Nonetheless, the company has used several ways to lure people into ditching stock text messaging apps for Messenger. The largest social media house has built rich media features for Messenger to convince people to move away from the traditional way of messaging through SMS that supports none of these functionalities. Some of the powerful media tools developed over the years include stickers, GIFs, apps, photos, location, payments, and transportation, among others. More are expected to come as the company looks to push Facebook Messenger towards becoming the go-to app for all your needs.

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