Snapchat Reportedly Working on Smart Glasses as it Looks to Join the AR World


Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is growing big day in day out. The recently concluded MWC saw quite a number of VR headsets come to life courtesy of Samsung and LG.

These added to the already available HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and Google Glass, among many others. As you can see, this industry is being targeted by huge names in the tech world and with predictions from industry experts pointing towards a multibillion-sized VR industry in a few years’ time; even startups such as Snapchat are now working their way into this fold.

Snapchat is best known for its disappearing messages, but it has been coming in with quite a number of revolutionary features. While a good number of the millions who use this app use their smartphone’s snappers to capture snaps and use them to create Snapchat stories, the future seems to be coming in with something meant for the future.

Virtual Reality is the future

Many experts have labeled virtual reality (together with augmented reality) as the future. As mentioned at the beginning, major companies in the tech industry have already stepped one foot into this world. Snapchat isn’t staying behind as it wants you to Snapchat using Google Glass-like smart glasses, CNET reports.


As it seems, Snapchat has been recruiting a team of experts who are familiar with the wearable industry and according to reports, this team is working on a smart eyewear gadget. Top profile names such as Mark Dixon, who is an ex-Microsoft recruiter and has previously worked on the company’s HoloLens – Microsoft’s way to the VR and AR world. The company has also added an eyewear designer known as Lauryn Morris. Lauryn has previously designed for Zac Posen, Michael Kors as well as the creator of mixed-reality glasses iOptik, Innovega.

Another name that is already under Snapchat is Eitan Pilipski who is a former employee of Qualcomm’s Vuforia. This is a vision-based AR software platform that is behind the creation of AR experiences on smart glasses as well as mobile phones.

These hires are nothing related to coincidence, but the company is obviously working on something big for the future of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Snapchat has previously shown its obsession with the VR and AR worlds with the introduction of Lenses. What the company wants is for you to use their smart glasses to see the effects overlaid through Lenses using augmented reality. But this is just one of the many possibilities we might be looking at. Don’t be surprised if Snapchat came out with something totally different.

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