Some Useful Information on IELTS – International English Language Testing System

The International English Language Testing System is basically a process of testing the ability of a candidate to speak and read English in places where English is considered to be the only language used for communication. This test is necessary for candidates who want to gain education or work in countries where English is the language used for communication. Students must pass IELTS test to get an entry to the universities of different countries like the University of UK and many more.

The Popularity of IELTS Test

The IELTS is a widely accepted English language test by the companies, universities and schools at the international level. The trend of going abroad for working as well as studying has highly increased in the last few years. Candidates are required to carry this certificate if they are selected for any university program of countries like the UK. This test can create a positive impact on the future of the candidates. Several international universities, professional bodies, employers, schools and immigration authorities have this test on their requirement list for admission.

Why Should an Individual Pass IELTS Test?

1. This test is required at different stages of life and helps in all steps like schooling, the university as well as work.
2. It is accepted worldwide.
3. It is a great training exercise for an individual’s skills in the English language.
4. It helps in recognizing a candidate’s English language level and also accuracy in results.
5. International schools, universities and companies all around the globe often demand specific scores in this English language test.
6. There are two different types of this test for a candidate to choose from.
7. This certifies a candidate in both American English as well as British English.
8. This test is available all around the world and to be specific across 140 countries.

Ways to Qualify in IELTS Test

  • Having a good vocabulary is the best way to qualify in this test. Hence a candidate must focus on improving his or her vocabulary by studying. Learning to put exact words into the context will be of real help.
  • Candidates must improve their writing skill.
  • Candidates must have clear pronunciation hence must practice as much as possible to learn proper pronunciation.
  • Candidates must enhance their fluency in the English language
  • Candidates appearing for this test must improve their listening skills

Details of IELTS Test

  • IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic are the two different types of this English language test. Speaking and listening are common in both the types. However, the matter or the subjects are different in the writing or reading part of the tests.
  • The Reading, Listening and writing parts of the IELTS test are completed in one day and does not include any breaks in between the test.
  • The speaking test is generally held on a different date, but within a week after or before the other test components. The details are advised at the test center.
  • The time allotted for each student in the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Components that the IELTS test includes are:

  • Academic Reading
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Academic Writing
  • General Training Reading
  • General Training Writing

Tricks to Pass IELTS Test

  • The candidates must identify their weaknesses and strengths.
  • Individuals know themselves the best; hence, they can easily identify their strength and weaknesses. They then need to work on their weaknesses and improve that part.
  • Planning a study schedule. Figuring out a plan is important before starting to prepare for the IELTS test.
  • Concentrating on study materials. Candidates must take up a preparation course for their IELTS test. The courses normally provide study materials and tips to pass the IELTS Practice Test. One can also get the help from an English teacher who has a proper qualification in this field.
  • Practicing is the only solution
  • Candidates must keep practicing as that will improve their self-confidence. One must practice speaking in front of a family member or a friend. Reading newspaper will also help. One can also listen to songs and watch movies in the English language to enhance the listening skills.

Personal Experience of Applicants for IELTS Test

The experience of applicants is normally good; however, it completely depends on one’s proficiency in the English language. Learning the structure of the test questions is easy but improving the capacity to speak, listen, and read the English language can be gained over time.

Are IELTS Test Dumps Helpful?

The test dumps help in the preparation of the IELTS test. These IELTS dumps offer an overall idea to the candidates about what is about to come in the speaking, reading, listening and writing part of the test.


The assessing of abilities of an individual towards speaking, writing, and reading within a span of 3 hours is done through IELTS. The results of one particular test remain valid for a span of two following years. The test is developed and designed by the leading experts throughout the globe in terms of assessment related to language. IELTS has a wonderful reputation internationally and readily accepted by over ten thousand organizations all over the world which includes immigration authorities, employers, professional bodies, universities and schools.