Sony Announces Alienation Challenge on PS4, Exclusive to Playstation Plus Members

Alienation Challenge

Get ready with your friends for the Alienation Challenge on PS4.

Sony announced it exclusive for Playstation Plus members and will reward you amply for completing specific challenges.

Alienation Challenge

The top down twin stick shooter is immensely fun, be it solo or playing in co-op mood. To further increase the stakes, Sony has introduced a new timed event where not just you but three other friends can help you complete the quest. The entire group will receive the reward if you successfully finish them all. The Playstation Plus Alienation Challenge commences on January 6th and will continue till January 20th giving you enough time to bring your team together to win.

The first challenge is to be the combat medic. All you have to do is take part in Barrow Alaska mission and you have to be a bio-specialist to qualify for this challenge. Once done, make sure to take a screenshot of the “Combat Statistics” along with the XP Gained. Your PSN ID should also be proper in this screenshot so that if you are one among the three winners, you get $150 in Hong Kong currency. The screenshot should be uploaded to the Playstation HK page and only those in the approved countries are eligible for this event. It is not open for Playstation 4 players worldwide.

Bloodbath Challenge in Alienation PS4 is the next in the list that requires you to upload the a similar screenshot of your PSN ID, combat statistics and XP gained. The winners get the same $150 in Hong Kong dollars and up to three people can win the prize. The third one is the silent assassin challenge where you have to play a Barrow, Alaska level as a Saboteur. Share the screenshot including your XP gained, PSN online ID and combat statistics. All these should be uploaded to Playstation HK Facebook Page.

Sony Alienation Challenge on PS4

The Alienation Challenge on PS4 is open for Playstation Plus subscribers who are in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Everyone else may have to wait for some other event as this one is geared towards increasing activity on their Facebook page in HK. The detailed instructions on eligibility and terms & conditions of the challenge are posted on the official PSN page. The game is fun to play as a group and is one of the best co-op party titles available because it supports up to four players at once. Alienation received amazing reviews on all major gaming websites.

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