Is Sony Cheating PS4 Owners with Jax and Daxter “Remake” to Make Revenue?

Is Sony Cheating PS4 Owners with Jax and Daxter “Remake” to Make Revenue

Any average gamer would be able to find the irony in this because Sony is releasing more remakes of classics than ever on the PS4 console.

The Jax and Dexter heading to the console is just one example.

Ever since the console was announced, they talk about exclusives all the time and for Sony fans it might sound very reasonable. After all, they have already released so many exclusives for the PlayStation 4 console right? You are totally wrong if you have already started believing the marketing gimmick.

The first big game that landed on the console is the Last of Us which is remastered version of the same title from the PS3 platform but players were forced to pay a full price to own the same game again with improved graphics and textures. People just went with the flow and didn’t think twice but even after years since the original launch, the trend continues as there are more remakes than actual launches.

A Fake Marketing Trap, Don’t Fall For It!

Before you get super excited about the so-called remake of the popular title Jax and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy as well as the upcoming titles in the series are not exactly being redone for the new console. Instead the development is going to simply convert them into full 1080p resolution which is pretty much like expanding the codes to make a game designed for 4:3 televisions to 16:9 aspect ratio to make it look slightly better.

Is Sony Cheating PS4 Owners with Jax and Daxter

All the popular games from the Playstation 2 console including the Jak II, Jack 3, and Jak X Combat Racing are being released on the Playstation 4 console with full HD resolution and improved Trophy support. A dedicated trailer for the upcoming game has been released and if you are going to pay some money to own a Naughty Dog title that comes from the 90s, it is definitely not worth the price.

While the developer did a fantastic job of making the Jax and Dexter games open world, with 3D graphics and lots of things to do apart from the main missions, it still is very old in terms of controls, gameplay and what it offers to the average gamer.

The title was originally released in 2003 and is now arriving on the PS4 console on December 6th and costs $15 for each while you can choose to go for the full Jax and Dexter bundle to own all the remastered titles.

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