Sony PS VR 2 Headset is Coming, has Built-in Headphones and Support HDR Passthrough

Sony PS VR 2 headset

Sony is further expanding strongly into the world of virtual reality with none other than their trusted PS VR headset.

Sources confirm that the PS VR 2 is under production and will soon be officially announced by the company.

The Playstation 4 console is ageing already and has paved way for PS4 Pro to take its place with much better graphics, 4K gaming experience. However, the experience is not complete until you buy the PS VR headset because it takes gaming to the next level by immersing you into the world the designers have created. But, there are some drawbacks to it at the moment which is being fixed if we are to believe the inside sources.

SONY PS VR 2 Headset Built-in Headphones and Support HDR

PS VR 2 – What to Expect?

If there is something that Sony did right is that they supported the headset unlike no other company. Competitors like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift largely rely on PC games. Only when a title is available on Steam, players will be able to purchase it and rate it’s virtual reality experience. With the PS4 platform under their control, Sony managed to continuously launch a lot of titles to keep the PS VR active throughout the year since it got launched.

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With model number CUH-ZVR 2, the PS VR 2 is getting ready for a grand launch and when it does it will have stereo earphones built into the headset. It makes it easier for players to simply plug it in and start playing rather than having to put an individual pair around their head. Previously, one not only has to use a separate pair but should plug the pin into the volume remote so that it works.

Sony PS VR 2

The connection cable is said to be slimmer than the original with reduced weight. It is expected to reduce the drag on a player’s head when they wear it for long hours. The PS VR 2 headset will be powered by a brand new processor which is capable of supporting HDR passthrough. The problem with the current edition is that it doesn’t allow you to play games in HDR because the processor is not powerful enough.

With entire gaming industry moving towards 4K gaming and HDR support, it is obvious that PS VR 2 should support it as well and it does. The availability, pricing of the VR headset is not known at the moment but should be out soon.

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