Sony PS4.5 May Undergo Radical Changes, To Be Priced at $500


Microsoft was audacious this time as the company readily announced the new Xbox Scorpio before Sony could do with PS 4.5.

The new hardware from Microsoft promises to deliver true 4K gaming without any compromise. They have also confirmed that the state of the art components will be used so as to offer the best gaming experience. Xbox Scorpio will also focus on providing easy television control besides a brand new user interface.

Sony probably delayed the new PS4 Neo or the allegedly PS 4.5 console so that they could see what Microsoft is up to. Xbox One S, the new slim console is also undergoing some major changes with almost all of its exclusives getting launched on Windows 10 PCs. Now, it’s time for Playstation to make some big decisions and get into the game.

According to earlier rumor, PS4.5 was supposed to be a minor upgrade over the Playstation 4 console. It had better graphics and processor to support 1080p gaming while videos will render in 4K resolution. However, new rumors claimed that the company is going to take a huge U-turn and make it their next gen console hardware.

Sony PS4.5

It’s possibly the only way to go up against Microsoft which promises a much better gaming experience which should be on par with PCs for the first time in recent history. While the company has removed the concept of exclusives, it makes it easier for Sony to promote all exclusives with their PS4.5 or PS Neo console when it launches.

Sony had held some recent meetings to discuss on possibility of having powerful graphics processing chip in the new console. It will supposedly shoot the price of the console up to $500 or even more. When the company did the same with PS3 a long time ago, it was met with strong criticism. This time, chances are less as they are supposed to deliver performance on par with latest generation cards. It is the only way to keep a console relevant for at least five years.

When the press asked Sony for comments, the company’s representatives refused to comment as the console is still in its early stages. They are working on ways to fit the PS4.5 before the PS5 arrives. It is quite a dilemma that Sony faces at the moment. Microsoft on the other hand seems to have jumped next already as the Xbox One S is going to be the last iteration of the current generation console.

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  1. Be interesting to see how things progress, Ill be picking up a NEO and a Scorpio. Keep up the Good work Sony/Microsoft! ! !

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