Sony Xperia XZ Prices Drop by $150 Along with Xperia X Compact

Sony Xperia XZ

The Sony Xperia XZ came only a few months ago to finally end the drastic wait for a proper top end device from the Japanese company.

Available at an attractive price of $650, it possesses the capability to be a real alternative to the Samsung phones which have been plagued by reliability problems in recent years. The specifications may not be an exact match, but Sony has largely concentrated on making the device a better package in the overall sense.

Sony Xperia XZ

Buyers in the United States will be able to rejoice at Sony deciding to drop the price of the Sony Xperia XZ along with the Xperia X Compact. The former will now be available for just $500, which represents a massive $150 discount over the previous retail price. The latter is going for $400 after having initially been listed for $500.

On paper, it may be disappointing to see the Sony Xperia XZ feature only a 1080p display, but the 5.2-inch screen size means that the pixel density is almost more than 400 PPI. On such a small display – especially in comparison with the large televisions – it would be virtually impossible to distinguish the pixels unless the user was poking their eyes into the display. In opting for the 1080p screen, Sony has also managed to extend the battery life of the device. Despite possessing a 2900 mAh battery, the Sony Xperia XZ may last full day while it is also assisted by Quick Charge 3.0. The latter is courtesy of the snapdragon 820 chipset used in the device.

Xperia X Compact

Given that there are little changes to the snapdragon 821 chipset that was just unveiled on some of the higher end devices, it makes sense to skip this version and to go for the discounts on the snapdragon 820 phones. The internal storage may be between 32 GB and 64 GB depending on the model chosen, while RAM remains a constant 3 GB unlike on some of the phones were the quantity of RAM changes depending on the internal memory. Even going for the 32 GB variant is not a huge problem on the Sony Xperia XZ since the phone comes with a dedicated memory card slot that can accept up to 256 GB through microSD cards.

Sony has listened to user feedback and has vastly improved the 23-megapixel camera in the rear of the device. It is assisted by a range of technologies like phase detection, led autofocus, and gyro optical stabilization.

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