Did Sony’s Xperia X Series Just Kill the Xperia Z6?

Sony Xperia X series vs. Sony Xperia Z5 series

Sony announced a new Xperia X series during the MWC 2016 show, going contrary to many people’s expectations of seeing a new Sony Xperia Z6 lineup come into play.

As it seems, the new Xperia X is the new direction the company has taken in a bid to save its dwindling mobile division. While competition is tight in each of the niches the company is venturing into, these phones seem to come in with what it takes to carry the Sony Xperia brand name.

Unlike the previous Xperia Z5, the new Sony Xperia X brings an interesting offering on the table, coming in with a blend of premium build materials as well as a mid-range processor from Qualcomm. Apparently, Sony has set its eyes on customers who are looking for a device that doesn’t lack when it comes to the build quality, but still is not the type you will call top-of-the-line.

Sony Xperia X is not the only phone in the new Xperia X series. We have a lower-end Xperia XA and an upper-end Xperia X Performance. These three phones represent a single design language split into different models that are priced differently. In essence, there is something common about the Xperia X series, unlike the Xperia Z5 range that had different offerings, right from the screen size. The trio in the current Xperia X series has a 5-inch display panel with almost the same touches in the UI and lots of commonalities as far as the design is concerned.

Sony’s jump into the mid-range market is not anything new to the current market. Samsung has been doing it with its Galaxy A, J and C series and so has LG, OnePlus, Huawei, and Xiaomi, with the last three OEMs leading the way in this market. This means that the Japanese tech giant has a lot to do in order to succeed in this highly competitive segment of the market.

There is no doubt that last year’s Xperia Z5 lineup was one of the best construction from Sony. The three phones in the lineup came with not only top of the line specs and features, but also price tags. As it seems, this did not go well as far as sales are concerned, something that has prompted the company into trying out its luck in a different market segment.

Xperia X and Xperia XA

Sony’s Xperia X range comes in with tiered offerings in terms of specs and price, something that has made quite a number of Android OEMs a success in the market. In addition to the three announced at the MWC, Sony has also added a fourth phone that features a 6-inch display. There is a slim chance that another device will be coming to this lineup, leave alone the Xperia Z6 flagship. In fact, don’t expect to see a new Xperia Z device.

The U.S. prices of Sony Xperia X series will soon be announced to the public. The question is which variant will you prefer? Feel free to comment in the section below.

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