Sparta War of Empires in Plarium MMO Games Gets New Pantheons

Sparta War of Empires

The entire scenario within the world of Sparta War of Empires is changing with the arrival of the Pantheons.

In an official blog, the developers, Plarium MMO games announced that they are bringing a new twist to the storyline. The game should offer a completely new race, Pantheons, to play with. According to the Spartan empire, all the coalitions that they have formed in the past is now broken. The new race has risen to power and players who have been in the game for long would find it surprising to know that the powers have shifted.

Sparta War of Empires

If you have been playing for long and know how Xerxes was defeated in the past, the new storyline could be completely surprising with new stars rising to unprecedented power. The Middle of the North is completely dominated by the Band of Killerz, The Terminators, LS Black Region among other races. New Pantheon regions are rising throughout the map.

After a hiatus, the Death Inc is now back to power. They used to be the most powerful coalition and were one of the forgotten heroes of the past. However, as a surprise element they have come back from the dead. The entire realm has got the message clear and strong – the Death Inc is not going to go anywhere.

With all these changes, Plarium MMO games have included a lot of new gameplay elements and changed the way the map works. You can now control the right powers to expand further and take control of different areas of the world. The outcomes will be totally different that makes Sparta War of Empires more interesting and action packed than it used to be.

Sparta War of Empires

The team that worked on the latest update also ensured that any bugs and other issues reported by the players were duly fixed. It ensures a seamless gameplay experience, be it on the browser or on a mobile platform. It’s all about distributing the right resources and using the army to your advantage to achieve the objectives.

There are some minor modifications done to the way the races level up. Similar updates and new races were also introduced in other titles including Stormfall Age of War, Nords Heroes of the North, Soldiers Inc, the Heroes of the Storm alternative and others.

Apart from adding new elements to the gameplay, the developers, Plarium MMO games, have improved the graphical aspect of some of the titles. New voiceovers have been added to brief mission objectives.

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