Steam Summer Picnic Sale 2016 – Doom, Fallout 4, COD and More Discounted

Steam Summer Picnic Sale 2016

Get ready to cry over empty wallets because the biggest PC game sale of the year has started.

The Steam summer picnic sale 2016 has officially opened doors and the server is already filled to the brim.

The digital distribution platform for PC, Steam is currently overloaded and is exceptionally slow than it has ever been. The trend is expected to continue throughout the month and the next because the is going to run until July 4th, 2016. With so many games discounted, it is no wonder people end up buying stuff that they don’t need but simply out of reflex. After all, building your library of games is fun to watch and it may be useful someday, that’s what most believe.

Steam Summer Picnic Sale 2016 is never complete without pushing heavy discounts on the Call of Duty franchise. This year is no different as all the top titles are available for great prices except for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare which is yet to get released. The mega bundle includes COD game released till now but it’s going to set you back a little over $180.

Steam Summer Picnic Sale

Players when browsing the discovery queue will be granted free trading cards. Up to three cards can be won on the same day and they will be available only during the sales period. Even though, the big summer sale is exciting, Steam seems to be really quiet in terms of discounts and other activities to perform. There are no flash sales or other content which used to cause a lot of chaos in the past.

Every deal announced today is actually going to be available till July 4th, making it easier for people to wait for a pay check to buy more games. It’s just the deals which will be highlighted at different points every day. Notable games include Stardew Valley for $12, Darkest Dungeon for $15 and the Assassin’s Creed franchise. There’s also Pay Day ultimate edition priced too steep that you could force all your friends to buy one for intense multiplayer heist missions.

It is better to wait for a day or two because the servers are experiencing high load at the moment. Once it clears, it will be much easier to browse pages and make good use of the Steam summer picnic sale 2016. Top titles including Doom, Fallout 4 and some new ones have also been discounted.

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