Survey: Apple iPhone Set to Enjoy Rising Popularity over Android

Apple vs Android

Apple’s immense success with regard to the Apple iPhone and the iPad has largely been down to the ease of use.

The iOS made light work of most tasks on a mobile phone. Since it was built ground up for a touchscreen display, it did not have the issues faced by extinct operating systems like the Symbian. The large number of apps on its store provided the kind of customizability never seen before. This made it the default choice from teens to businessmen alike. The Apple iPhone appeared unstoppable, prior to the arrival of Android.

Even though initial versions of the Android OS were not up to the mark and did not enjoy a lot of popularity, the Google backed operating system has been growing at a furious pace, especially in the last few years.

Investment banking company Piper Jaffray comes out with a survey every six months regarding the popularity of various products. Its latest survey concluded that the iPhone seems to be gathering pace especially among teenagers.

Apple iPhone

More than 6500 teens, with an average age of 16.5, took part in a survey. An astonishing 69% claimed to be iPhone owners. The figure jumped to 75% when they were asked about the possibility of an iPhone being their next smartphone. This jump may largely be down to the introduction of larger screen sizes on the phones. Gone are the 3.5 inch and 4 inch display sizes on the iPhone range. The reintroduction of the 4-inch screen in the form of the iPhone SE may largely go unnoticed, given the popularity of the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screens on the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus respectively.

A number of Apple fans among the boys may have switched to Android devices in recent years due to the lack of a large screen. Now, they appear to be ready to switch back.

The advantage, though, dissipates when it comes to the competition in the tablet segment. Android seems to be the favored operating system for tablets, as iPad ownership continues to slide. In fact, Apple has been worried about the demand for iPads, which has been sluggish in the last 18 months. iPad Mini, though, remains in favor with 17% interested in owning the device.

A third option, in the form of the Microsoft Surface tablets, has dropped in popularity quite alarmingly. Only 19% – down from 23% six months ago – claim to be interested in getting a Windows tablet.

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