SwiftKey Keyboard App for Android Updated with QWERTZ Layout Variants and Incognito Mode

SwiftKey Keyboard QWERTZ

Most of the Android users nowadays prefer using third-party keyboards as their primary typing tool.

Amongst all these third-party keyboards, SwiftKey Keyboard is presumably the most popular one. The SwiftKey keyboard app on the Android platform has now been updated. The update brings with it some of the features which are likely to improve its utility and might woo the user to consider using it as their primary keyboard on the smartphone.

SwiftKey Keyboard App Updated

The popular virtual keyboard SwiftKey had recently fixed their errors related to syncing and prediction problems just a few months back. Since then, they have been bringing in new updates just to make up for the lost time and to keep the users engaged and satisfied. The latest update to the SwiftKey keyboard app comes with a new incognito mode, in addition to the several new keyboard layouts which should be very helpful to the Swiss speaking and reading friends. Apart from these features, the app gets the usual bug fixes which really cannot be seen on the surface but for sure makes using the app much smoother.


SwiftKey Keyboard QWERTZ

With its latest update, SwiftKey for Android has now received support for the Swiss-French ‘QWERTZ’ layout and has also extended QWERTZ layout for the Swiss-German and for the Swiss-Italian keyboard variants. The new layouts are likely to be used as bait for all those users who had previously preferred other keyboards just for the reason that SwiftKey lacked any other keyboard option in QWERTZ layout. The new layouts will make it very convenient for the native speakers or typers of the respective languages.

Incognito Mode

The SwiftKey keyboard app has been further updated with a new feature which is usually seen in all the Internet browsers. With this latest update, the keyboard app will now have an ‘Incognito’ mode, using which the app will temporarily stop collecting data and will also stop learning new words and phrases from its users. Incognito Mode basically means that whenever this mode is used on a browser, whatever is being used will not be able to collect any data from the user since the mode disables all the browsing history and web cache as well. There is always a chance that a user might have been in a situation where it would have caused embarrassment while being given an app suggestion, or an auto-correct word prediction in front of a friend or a relative. Well, such situations can be avoided from now on easily if this new Incognito mode of SwiftKey for the Android platform is used while making certain searches.

Bringing in the Incognito mode is probably one of the most needed updates since most of the users are usually a bit more concerned that the app might predict all their sensitive details, especially in front of a third-person. When this Incognito mode is activated, the SwiftKey keyboard gets a dark theme that comes with a mask in the background.

SwiftKey Keyboard Incognito Mode

Bug Fixes

Apart from the augmentation of these two features, namely the QWERTZ keyboard variants and the Incognito mode, the SwiftKey keyboard app for the Android platform has also been updated to fix a few bug issues that have been previously associated with it. This new update brings along with it a fix for an issue wherein dragging the cursor was causing the app to crash down while a user was typing on a Chinese keyboard. In addition to this bug fix, the users will now also be able to download themes at just a simple tap after the update.

The latest updated SwiftKey keyboard app for the Android platform is available already for installation and can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

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