T-Mobile, AT&T Offer: Buy One Galaxy S7, Get One Free


T-Mobile and AT&T are two of American biggest mobile carriers and they now have one of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals in the market so far.

The two have apparently unveiled a limited-time promotion that sees anyone who buys a new Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone get another similar device for free. This deal will for sure entice many of those who have been paying attention to the latest in the smartphone world.

Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy S7 in an Unpacked event in Barcelona, a day before this year’s MWC. The phone is the successor to last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6 and as expected, it picks up from where the company left off last year’s flagship, coming in with improvements in performance as well as new features.

Whether you use tier-one or a prepaid carrier, you will be able to get a new Galaxy S7. With AT&T and T-Mobile fully aware of the competition that exists in the market from players such as Sprint and Verizon, the need to jump in with such deals and promos is inevitable. The Galaxy S7 is currently the phone to beat in the smartphone market and if you are in the market for one, there is no better time than now.

Both AT&T and T-Mobile promos are limited

Last month, AT&T announced a promotion regarding Samsung Galaxy devices. With the latest announcement, it is simply an extension of the same. The Galaxy S7 promotion here will see both current and new customers take advantage of this buy one get one deal. But as always, there is a catch.

The first thing you should know is that to be eligible for this deal, you need to purchase a Galaxy S7 on the AT&T Next installment plan. After going through with this, the second line should be new and based on the Next 24 plan. It is not over yet, for you still need to ensure that both phones are added to a qualified plan. At the time of buying, you will also pay sales tax for the two devices.


Someone is wondering where the free aspect pops in. Well, AT&T will credit $695 in a period of 30 months and in case you choose to quit the carrier before this full amount is credited, you will remain responsible for the amount due.

When compared to what AT&T is offering, it seems T-Mobile took a simpler approach to things. The carrier will be offering customers who buy two Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones on equipment installation plan a full retail price of the second phone but in the form of a prepaid debit card. Furthermore, if you happen to buy a Galaxy S7 smartphone before March 18, T-Mobile will be offering a free Samsung Gear VR headset as well as one year of Netflix.

All these deals also apply for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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