T-Mobile One Brings Back Unlimited Data Plans – Check Out the Details


T-Mobile wants to do away with its service plans that include tiered data and in its place, the giant American carrier is bringing back unlimited plans in what is known as T-Mobile One.

This move comes as a surprise as just recently, AT&T also made a similar move in the market by announcing its own plans dubbed Mobile Share Advantage. With the new plans, AT&T has dropped overages and in instead revamped data allotments. Of course, this is an interesting offer from AT&T, but with T-Mobile One set to go live, the competition should for sure turn out to the best happening for American smartphone users during this second half of the year.

It is not the first time the Un-carrier has come in with a lucrative and presumably game-changing deal. However, it is not always that these deals end up to be game-changing as the carrier would expect them to be. But with today’s huge consumption of data, it is possible that packing an unlimited data plan could play to the advantage of T-Mobile.

With T-Mobile One, users will not only be able to access unlimited 4G LTE data but also unlimited texting and calling. As for the prices, the first line tied to this plan will cost $70 per month while the second line will set you back a further $50. If you feel like adding more lines (up to eight) to the T-Mobile One plan, each will cost $20 with auto pay, but in case auto pay is not activated, you will have to part with $5 per month for each additional line. If you own a tablet, T-Mobile One has some room for you too, but each additional device will cost $20 per month.


In a bid to show off the new plan, T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, has challenged the likes of Verizon and AT&T to follow suit and start offering unlimited data plans since this is what today’s users need more than just mere calls and texts. In fact, these calling and texting  features are still much dependent on data, especially for millennials who prefer using IMs than traditional voice calling and SMS services.

New and existing customers of T-Mobile will start enjoying the new unlimited plans as from September 6. If the new plan is not your type, there is still room to keep the current plan, but this will only work for existing customers of the carrier.

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