T-Mobile rolls out essential updates to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

T-Mobile is rolling out software updates to the 2014 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge.

It’s not common for such old phones to be part of regular updates, but Samsung and T-Mobile want you to have the most secure devices despite their age.

Even though these updates were confirmed last month, it’s only now that T-Mobile has started rolling them out to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge users in the U.S. As you would expect, these updates are not big, rather, they are your regular security updates. Still, this doesn’t mean they are less important. For phones that won’t be receiving any major OS upgrade, security updates are the last thing you want to skip.

Even though the updates do not install the latest security patches for the month of November, you still get essential fixes alongside September’s Android security patch. Once the update is installed, the DTMF bug will also be fixed. Where Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users are getting the firmware with software version N910TUVU2EQI2 or N910T3UVU3EQI2, those on the Galaxy Note Edge will receive software version N915TUVU2DQI2.

As pointed out, both Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge won’t be receiving any major OS upgrades. This means these two updates are still based on Android Marshmallow. Note that these are OTA updates, which means not all Note 4 and Note Edge handsets will get the OTA notification at once, rather, it may take a few days before all units get the update. Alternatively, you can hit the Settings>About menu to force a manual update.

Before you proceed, make sure your phone has at least 50% battery power or connect it to a power source during the upgrade process.

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