T-Mobile’s Galaxy S5 Marshmallow Upgrade Almost Ready, Security Updates Currently Rolling Out

Samsung Galaxy S5 Marshmallow

Samsung Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update is expected to start rolling out globally this March or worse of in April, latest reports suggest.

Samsung had previously indicated that the update will start rolling out this March or early April, but it seems some carriers are already gearing up for the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow upgrade on this 2014 Samsung flagship. However, there is still no mention of a specific date as to when this update will be available to all four major carriers in the country.

Galaxy Note 5 security updates already rolling out

For those who managed to grab last year’s phablet – Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – the Android M update is already rolling out on this phone. This is also the same case for those using Galaxy S6 as well as the slightly older Galaxy Note 4, however, as usual, not all carriers have availed the update. What all users of this device can access for the moment are February’s security maintenance updates.

With this new update, all those anticipating for the new Android M will fine-tune their device in order to gain the required stability as well as achieve better performance as a whole. The update also takes care of any bugs and errors in the current software, thus helping the phone function smoothly.

T-Mobile’s Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update almost ready

While most carriers are yet to confirm the exact dates as to when the Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update will be here, it seems T-Mobile has something already cooking. The wireless carrier has revealed that the much-anticipated operating system is currently in the manufacturer development stage. In short, the company means that Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update is not ready for rolling out to the public.


The good side of the story is that T-Mobile has the operating system in its labs and it’s just a matter of running several tests before the Marshmallow OS is certified for use by customers of Samsung Galaxy S5. In this way, the software will be released without any flaws and issues that are usually associated with OS upgrades.

At the moment, it is only T-Mobile that seems to be opening up with respect to the Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update. This could suggest that the company is ahead of schedule as compared to its competitors – Sprint, AT&T and Verizon – but eventually all of them will have the update ready.

For now, all that is there to say is that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be receiving the Android Marshmallow update before the end of this month. However, with Canada’s Telus recently announcing a change in the Android Marshmallow release schedule, we might see the same come to the U.S. But let’s keep our fingers crossed. Also, make sure that you regularly check for the availability of the software through your phone’s settings.

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