Taco Bell Launches Contest With Gold PS4 As Prize

Taco Bell has partnered with Sony to create a contest for customers that has a Gold PS4 as the reward. Winners of the contest will receive a Limited Edition Gold PlayStation 4 Console Bundle, which includes a gold PS4, a gold controller, a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and a voucher for one year of the PS Plus subscription service. The announcement was made on Sony’s official PlayStation blog

The promotion will run from September 24 until November 6, with a Limited Edition Gold PS4 given away once every ten minutes. To participate in the contest, Taco Bell customers have to stop by their local Taco Bell and purchase any Big Box to receive a unique code. The Big Box consists of a quesarito, two tacos, chips, and a large drink for $5.

The participants will then send the code in a text message to 25552. After receiving an acknowledgement text message, confirming their age and agreeing to the rules, the participant will receive a Game Play. After the completion of the Game Play, you will get an alert text saying whether you’re a potential winner or not.

The promotion is only available to participants in the United States over 18 years old. You can also get codes by mail-in request or submit an online request for a single code once the promotion has been active for a month. A participant is entitled to only one entry per day.

The golden PS4 will only be available as a give away from Taco Bell. Sony expects to give away six thousand of the limited edition bundles over the course of the promotion.

Four years ago, Taco Bell made headlines due to controversy over a contest for a PS Vita. People who thought they had won the contest were sent notices saying that their codes were invalid. However, since then the company has not had any major problems with the contests it has run.

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