Alleged Oppo R19, R19 Pro and Several Other Oppo Phone Models Certified by CMIIT in China

OPPO R17 Pro

Oppo PBCM20/PBCT20, PCAM10/PCAT10, PCDM00/PCDT00 and PBAM11 smartphones have been certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CMIIT) in China. The exact identities of these phones are under the wraps. Based on the model […]

[Updated:] Oppo CPH1909, CPH1969 [Oppo F11 Pro] and Realme RMX1851 Smartphones Have Received Approval in Indonesia

Realme U1

Two new phones with model numbers Oppo CPH1969 and Oppo CPH1909 have been approved by Indonesia’s TKDN authority. [Update: Jan 22, 2019] Oppo CPH1969 has been certified today by Thailand’s certification body, NBTC. The model […]

[Updated:] RMX1821 is Realme 3; Realme RMX1831 is Realme U1


Update 1: (Dec 26, 2018) Realme 3 has been certified in Singapore’s IMDA website. The model number is Realme RMX1821. This phone was already found in Indonesia’s TKDN recently. Update 2 (Dec 6, 2018): This device […]