Telegram Launches Telegraph, a Tool That Allows Anonymous Publishing of Articles

Telegram Launches Telegraph

Telegram, the popular messaging platform had recently announced several new features that will arrive with its updated version 3.14 of the app on both the iOS and the Android platforms.

With this new update, Telegram has launched a new tool called the Telegraph that allows the users to publish stories on the Web, without having to register an account. Apart from the new publishing tool, Telegraph, the latest update brings along other new features like Instant View, Date jump, and several important enhancements to the Android version of the app so that it on par with its iOS counterpart.

Telegram Launches Telegraph

No Registration Accounts

Telegraph is the probably the most effortless and convenient blogging platform which does not require the users to register an account. The users will just have to visit the Telegraph app, add a title and the name of the user and get started off.

As there is no provision to register an account, the users will not be able to create a profile in order to collate all their posts. There is not even a comments section for the articles. Though this could make Telegraph a good choice for publishing all the content quickly, there is also the possibility for people to impersonate others by just using their names in the byline.

Publish it Beautifully

Telegraph Allows Anonymous Articles Publishing

The Telegraph publishing tool allows users to create rich posts that can be published as stories. The users can make their posts even better by adding text that can then be formatted by using Markdown, which is is a text-to-HTML conversion tool created especially for the web writers. Apart from this, Telegraph also allows to embed images and photos from the computer, as well as adding tweets and also videos from Vimeo and YouTube.

Share the Post Easily

Once the post has been created and all the special effects have been added, it is time to share the post. With Telegraph, sharing the post is so simple that it just needs hitting the ‘Publish’ button, after which the users can post the URL on to their social networking accounts or they can also send it across to their contacts via e-mail or through other messaging platforms. The users will also be able to edit their posts as long as their current browser session is still active.

Telegraph with Instant View

Telegraph plays well with the newly introduced feature within Telegram called as the Instant View. The Instant View feature and Telegraph seem to work well together, which will help in launching the stories from Medium and articles from TechCrunch more quickly. The company said that it is working on growing the list of other sites. This works similarly to Instant Articles feature launched by Facebook and Google’s AMP, all which work with an agenda to deliver the content from around the Web to within the messaging app with minimal or zero load times.

The Setback

The experience of using Telegraph on the mobile platform has not received the response which the Web version had garnered. There were reports mentioning that the after the users had finished writing an article, they were caught in a fix since they were not able to figure out on how to capture the URL for their post.

Telegraph with Instant View

Telegram had recently updated its mobile messaging app and had introduced bot-powered games. Apart from that, the updated Telegram app version 3.14 has also added a couple of handy features like the ‘Jump to Date’ feature which allows calendar search for individual messages based on the date of conversation and a way to track down the name of the Common group whose name the user cannot remember by looking up from the profile of other contacts who belong to the same group from the previous conversations in the group chats.

Telegram had mentioned in its official blog post that the company is working on brewing something big, which of course will be the most anticipated wait in the near future. It is too early to acknowledge if people will really appreciating Telegraph, although it does seem to be an interesting alternative to other publishing long tweet storms and status updates.

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